Traveler. Novelist. Freelance Writer. Blogger. Surfer. Artist. Crazy Cat Lady.

Traveler. Novelist. Freelance Writer. Blogger. Surfer. Artist. Crazy Cat Lady.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day #6: 30 Day Writing Challenges

5 Ways to Win My Heart:

  1. Surprises. A flower on my windshield, a dress laid out on the bed with a note telling me to be ready at 8pm, a book I've been wanting for ages, a whole day planned for us to enjoy together... it could be the simplest of things. I just want to see an effort to want to surprise me - without me needing to think or hint....
  2. Coffee in bed... you won't be able to speak to me in the morning without this.... be warned.
  3. Loyalty. Look at me and think of me as the only girl in the world in your eyes. I hate cheaters. I hate wondering eyes. It hurts. Its disrespectful. Its one way to make me close off to you in a heartbeat.
  4. Be proud of me... hold my hand in public. Give me cuddles. Want a picture with me if we're out and about doing something cool. Call me your girlfriend when introducing me to people.... speak highly of me... it goes such a long way to make me feel good about myself.... 
  5. Be playful. Tickle, tackle, laugh, joke, play twister and scrabble and Heads Up and just have FUN with me... do things that help us bond and connect.... there is nothing that makes me happier than laughing with the guy I love.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day #4: 30 Day Writing Challenge

List 5 places you want to visit:

I'm not counting my aforementioned fantasies of Bali as I have already been there... 
No, this is a list of places I have yet to visit but one day most certainly will. 

  1. Ireland (Sexy Irish Accents.... Can't Resist.... Yes my reasons for wanting to visit Ireland seem shallow.. they actually do stem deeper than that but I'm knackered and can't really be arsed to write much today.... so much for a writing challenge!)
  2. India (Yoga / Meditation / Silence Retreats, Culture, Spirituality, Self-Growth!)
  3. Canada (Snowboard!)
  4. Machu Pichu, Peru (Hike!)
  5. Iceland (to see the Northern Lights, Glacier Caves)

I also really want to go to a hot air balloon festival. Going in a hot air balloon is so high up on my bucket list... I'm still deciding where best to treat myself to this little excursion. Turkey, perhaps???

PS today was a good day playing in the snow in Mallorca, Spain. Adios, for now.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day #4: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Write about someone who inspires you:

Took myself on a 5k walk yesterday while listening to The Great Gatsby.
"Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not things to show."

I really don't mean to sound pretentious here, but I hardly ever think about people who inspire me.  
It must be a bad thing to not have someone that you look up to in life. The people close to me and around me haven't exactly been role models through the years... whatever I have wanted, I have gone after for myself. The majority of people are usually telling me I can't do something and I decide then and there to prove them wrong. I don't feed off of anyone else, some grand person to build myself off of. I've quite literally always kicked myself from the nest and built my own wings on the way down. I guess in that sense I could say thank you to all of those people who have told me I 'can't do it,' here. I could thank them for giving me the drive to show them I can.

I got laughed at when I told my family I wanted to study law; then changed tack and decided I wanted to be a surgeon. Both fields fascinated me greatly... yet it seemed all I was to them was a pretty face. They told me modelling would be a better fit... but it seemed I couldn't do that either because I was too short. When I decided I wanted to open up my own Writers Cafe and Bookshop, a quirky dainty store that smells of roasted coffee beans with steaming mugs of unique blends delivered artfully to your table on a tree trunk tray while the soft sound of jazz oozed peacefully from the record player positioned in the corner on the old hardwood floors - I was told it would never happen. I'd never have the money to do it. "Stop dreaming, Jade." I was told... but I am a dreamer. A dreamer that managed to hammer three novels out of my heart and onto pages upon pages that will one day be bound into a book and published. Books that will one day be snuggled up between other books in their genre in bookstores... and in my own bookstore too. The independent one I will one day open. 
I will never be a settled soul. I am restless, I have ambitions and dreams that no one thinks will ever happen. I know people laugh at me and my ways - but that makes me pity them. Their passion and drive has faded into nothingness. 

So I guess what I have to say is that I inspire myself, whether you find that pretentious or not I actually couldn't care less - I inspire myself for being a dreamer. For making things happen... even if the process is slow. 

I know what I want and I'm going for it, one step at a time.

I also deeply admire two souls that I feel are so alike to mine... Christopher McCandless and Cheryl Strayed (and if you don't know who they are then get your arse to a bookstore and buy both Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer (my favorite book ever written) and Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Maybe then you will understand me more.)

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Day #3: 30 Day Writing Challenge

What are your top 3 Pet Peeves:

  1. Disrespecting others. Whether that be by means of cheating, lying, stealing, bullying, cancelling plans at the last minute, making plans with someone and then deciding you have somewhere better to be, breaking promises, being fake... it hurts me. Someone disrespecting me or someone I know - it quite literally has the ability to drive me crazy. Everyone in life deserves respect and peace. Think about how you would want to be treated. Would you want someone else to be messing around with another guy or girl behind your back? No. So don't do it to another person. Would you want someone else to be lying to you? Even if the truth hurts, it is the truth and nothing can hurt worse than finding out you have been lied to regardless of the pain the truth may cause. Would you want someone else stealing your valued property or picking you apart for your inevitable flaws??? We all have them. You may have stretch-marks, a big nose, you may be a bit tubby or too thin, you may have a lisp or frizzy hair or freckles - they make us who we are. Stop hurting others. Please.
  2. Snoring. Lying there awake listening to someone else snore and grumble while you can't get any sleep... drives me absolutely mad.. hence why I bought Cheffy a very expensive snoring kit for Christmas which he hasn't touched. Go figure.
  3. Taking over in the kitchen. If I am cooking, leave me. Unless you want to chop the onions and save me from looking like I've been to a funeral, then that's alright... but don't take over. Don't give me short-cuts and tell me there's better ways of doing something, I do things my way and I like it. Cooking to me is very therapeutic. If I don't need to rush, don't make me. I like chopping and stirring and smelling and tasting. I put love and attention into my food as I do with everything else in my life. 5 + 3 = 8 but 2 + 6 = 8 too. People have different ways of doing things. Let them. 

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Day #2: 30 Day Writing Challenge

Write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot:

Guys have told me earth-shatteringly beautiful things about myself in the past. Some guys are good with words. Some guys can tell you exactly what you want to hear. At the time of reading their compliments I am amazed - I think it is the most wonderful thing I have ever heard someone say about myself. I say I will never forget... but then when something goes wrong in my life, when the self-doubt builds and my confidence crumbles, all positive thoughts about myself evaporate as if they were never there. I don't remember the things people told me to make me feel good about myself, I don't remember anything. I wish I had saved the messages so I could reread them in a dark time - but in a moment of great sadness or relentless anger I delete the compliments from my memory.

What I'm saying is that it is hard to remember good things someone says about you when you are going through a tough time in life. It's a sad reality that negativity seems to shadow all positivity when you need it the most. But we shouldn't rely on other peoples words and compliments with such obvious hidden intentions in order to feel better about ourselves. We should really be writing something that you tell yourself about yourself that you will never forget here, something good. Something that makes you proud of yourself.... 

But for the sake of todays challenge I have written something I know someone has said to me in the past and it made me feel pathetically whole again... because we can be shallow like that sometimes.
I asked the first guy I ever truly fell in love with, the guy I wrote a book about, what he loves best about me once... and this was his response. His words always captivated me:

In a word: beauty. I know that sounds simple, but it is not. To me it pertains to so many things. Your attention to details in life is beautiful. Your zest for life is beautiful. The way you enrich people's live's with only your presence is stunning! Trust me, I know! You've made my life so much more beautiful and exciting just by meeting you! Even the way you love food and how you describe it is beautiful to me! Your book, writing style is totally beautiful! And then, I'm not even including your external beauty here - In that department you have no lack or limits! You are by far the most beautiful woman I have ever met-everything about you is gorgeous! Your eyes, your hair, your lips your body, legs! (You have stunning legs!! . Even the way you dress speaks volumes about you and is extremely beautiful! Hope that answers your question? But really, truthfully when I think of you, the first word that comes to mind, always is beautiful.

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