Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mong's Day Out

That’s what we used to call each other, Rachel and I; ‘mong’s.’

It is a British slang word, meaning ‘retard.’ A few years back when Rachel and I were inseparable, nobody could have stopped us in our paths for anything that we did. We were so free-spirited and worry-free. We hadn’t a care in the world about what other people thought of us, and we were happy above all else.

Having not spent much time together over the recent years, we finally set a day together to be ourselves...

9:15am – I drove my white Honda Jazz over to her place, picked her up and drove us to the Face to Face Makeup Design School in Knysna while listening to my new Nickelback CD. We had volunteered to be models for the makeup artist students to work on for the morning.

(I managed to convince Rachel to begin studying at the design school with me for the next couple of months, to gain an international degree) – The makeup students are already excellent, yet they have only been studying for three and a half weeks. An old friend that I competed against in the Miss Pearl Beauty Pageant in 2009 was one of the new students which was a nice surprise and it was nice to catch up with her as well.

12:01pm – Having completed four sets of different eye makeup techniques on us, the teacher gave me a full makeover so that I could go to work looking my best. I took Rachel with me until her dad came to fetch her, and while waiting for him, she had ran across to the evil restaurant, ‘Il De Pain’, to fetch me a humungous pizza slice and a healthy looking yet mouth watering sandwich for herself. Somehow, (I don’t know how exactly...) Rachel and I always manage to make fools of ourselves, and today, standing outside my shop munching on our lunch was no different! I take an unnecessarily large bite out of my pizza, ravenous after skipping breakfast this morning. Off with my bite falls ALL the top layer of my pizza, the layer of cheese and sweet tomato’s dangling from my mouth. I hear Rachel’s giggle start up, slowly turning into a full on laugh, which set me off as well as I try my best to stuff the best part of the pizza into my mouth at once.

12:34pm – Once gone, I retreated back inside the shop to keep warm. We had arranged to meet up at 17:30pm again, once she was done with her History A-Level homework and after I’d had a chance to relax after work. Tonight’s plan that we had concocted involved, ‘Mr Darcy (and all of his brilliance!), copious amounts of wine and a much needed sushi binge. Excited to get my next three and a half hours of work over with, I waited impatiently for my boss to visit the shop one more time, because as soon as I was sure that he was on his way back to Plett, I could begin slacking off and watching movies on my laptop during the quiet / boring parts of the day. The store sometimes goes an hour or two with no one coming in, not even to browse, so it is good to have something to keep me busy instead of boring myself to death.

14:14pm – Boss still hadn’t arrived back and so I dug Audrey Niffenegger’s novel, ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife,’ out of my black and white Audrey Hepburn bag, attempting to read it; although my mother had told me that even she had found it a difficult read. I knew it was too risky to put on the Family Guy movie. Even if I did pause it before my boss walked in, the look on my face would condemn me.

22:09pm - Back from Rachel's house. Petrified once again. Having rented the Pride & Prejudice series with good old Colin Firth acting as our Mr Darcy, we were quite thrilled to get back to her place and pop it on. While munching on Bow Tie's sushi, which has seriously lost credibility after tonight (bleh!), we realized that we weren't in the mood to watch a crappy version of our cherished, Jane Austen's, 'Pride and Prejudice.' Instead we shut it off after ten minutes and decided to give the original 'Paranormal Activity' a try. We had both seen a copy, where it ended with Katie stabbing her boyfriend to death, then retreating back up those creepy wooden stairs to rock backwards and forwards for three days before getting shot by a police man................ This one was waaaayyyyy different! We got the biggest fright of our lives after realizing this clearly wasn't the same ending, as her boyfriend suddenly got his dead, bloody body hurled across the bedroom and into the camera. Katie then crouches down to begin eating him, when she remembers the camera is still recording; so she looks up, smiles... and begins to crawl towards the camera! AAAHHH!!!
The alternate ending was different to the one we had seen too. She came back into the room, knife in hand, but instead of rocking back and forth for three straight days she walks right up to the camera and we watched her slit her own throat.
Gruesome. Freaky. Completely and totally awesome!

Driving home in the dark after watching that though, made my heart race. My mind spinning with evil things that could happen, overreacting in every possible way. Thankfully my boyfriend stayed on the phone with me for the whole ride back, so I felt safer.

Guess its time to leave me door open and lamp on again for the next couple of nights, that sort of movie is bound to give people insomnia and other chronic sleeping disorders!!!

Wish me luck!

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