Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It Doesn't Rain... It Pours!!

I seemed to have the perfect life...

After Matric I traveled around England solo, coming back a few weeks later to a boyfriend and family with open arms. I landed a perfect job. The bank approved a loan so that my boyfriend and I could build a flat. I also began to make friends with a new group of people... Life was good.

Obviously something had to come along and ruin it.

Yesterday morning my boss informed me that he is bankrupt and that I need to start searching for other employment.
A part of me is wondering whether or not that is true... I have this feeling deep in my stomach and heart that they are too kind hearted to tell me that they would rather man the shop themselves.
They are new to Knysna and don't seem to understand that art work is not always popular! You could go WEEKS without selling a scrap of canvas in a town like this when the tourists aren't here!

Alas they will have to learn the hard way.

I feel helpless and scared... With no means of money coming in and no job opportunities in this small ghost town; I am petrified.

People are telling me to look at the bright side of things, that when one door closes, another opens. Yet I see no doors ajar. I see no light in the distance.
All I can make out is a murky future, barely visible through all the smog.

It doesn't rain... It pours!

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