Thursday, June 24, 2010

And So Ends A Very Interesting Month

Evening bloggers!

... I literally have no words to explain how amazing these past couple of weeks have been!
Had crazy soccer fever! Watched millions of matches (on the television unfortunately!), cheered my ass off and lets just say my liver is in need of some serious TLC! Poor organs been used and abused!

My Grandpa was given 24 hours to live about 3 days ago, and I got really depressed. Turned my phone off and drove hours off into the mountains for the day, then booze eventually lured me back to Knysna! When I turned my phone back on the next day, I didn't have any bad news awaiting me (just a splitting headache!) so I got curious and ventured home... HE'S STILL LIVING!!!!!!! Touch wood!! He was so bad that he couldn't even communicate and now although his body is frail, he's amazingly strong on the inside!!! He's an amazing man for struggling through the agony like this! I know I should want him not to suffer, but I can't deal with a part of me dying right now. I'll be so wrecked.

Lately things have been really unstable in my life. I've been going through so much shit that I honestly don't know how I'd handle losing a part of me like that.

The last 3 days have been absolutely incredible though! 'The Mongs' have been together yet again! And if your a regular reader of my pointless and boring blog (sad life you have!!!!) then you'll know who the MONGS are! Met some people from our home land on Fathers Day as well, and its been such a giggle being around them. They all left this morning to move on with their journey, was a sad goodbye but we're both so excited for them to experience SA to the fullest and have an awesome time!!!!

I have FINALLY put my mind in doing what I want most!!! I have begun saving up for tickets to Rome!!! It is my dream to go there, once I go there, my life will be complete. As I bollucked up my solo 'England Adventure', I've decided to retry the travel thing ONE DAY once I have the cash saved up! Which may be a while considering my uncontrollable shopping urges! - though something tells me this trip may just be a little different <3

Have nothing much else to say!
Working the early morning shift tomorrow so I better boil the kettle, make a cup of tea and snuggle into bed.

Sweet dreams guys, enjoy your weekend!!!!

Little J

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just a catch up

I realize I have neglected my blog for over a month now, and I am out of practice on my writing, so don't expect this blatantly random entry to be very impressive.

My life has made quite a large turn.
The open door I could not find in April, found me. I was skimming through the Action Ads one day when I saw an amazing job opporunity to be a trainee manager and fitness promoter at Curves. I applied straight away, got an interview and shortly after, the owners rang me up and told me I got the job!
So things have been seriously busy lately.

The hours are tough, early starts and late finishes but its worth it. I can honestly say I love my job. I'm around women all day, and the majority of them are friendly and talkative once you get to know them.
I have great a great co-worker and an amazing manager and bosses'.

One other thing.
Lydon and I split up.
It wasn't entirely a mutual decision. I broke things off because the passion dissappeared. It became like best friends, which when I say to people, they tell me that is how it is supposed to be.
Yes, we were best friends for over two and a half years... but there was no passion anymore. I love that guy so much and he knows it. It is up to him, but I would still love it if we could be in each others lives and not throw away two and a half years.
Maybe one day in the future things will change. Maybe all we need is some time apart. Who knows.
It would be no fun if you knew what was going to happen in the future. So I am enjoying the mystery.

Things are changing and I have no clue what the future has in store for me. Its much better than living each day knowing what is going to take place and where I'll be.

As I write this I am quite hungover.
My co-worker, boss and I all went out for All You Can Eat Sushi last night, and my boss introduced my co-worker and I to an extremely potent and evil drink called Sake.
Just thinking of it makes me shudder!

Up early, its only 6am and I'm already at work - I kinda like these early starts though. I don't waste a day in bed when I could be up early, watching the beautiful sunrises out of works windows while I train women in gym.

In other news. My grandpa is still holding on! Its a miracle really. He was so close to the end. His spleen burst the other day and he ended up back in hospital but he recovered fairly quickly. I still haven't gone to see him. I'm too scared. This is when I need a boyfriend to support me the most and give me advice. It makes me so confused because when my Grandpa Leonard passed away all I regretted was not spending more time with him because him and I were so alike. So I just know I'm going to regret not spending time with my Grandpa Jack. But the thought of seeing him so lifeless scares me..... I just need a guy to hold me close and tell me it will all be OK.

OFF the emo topics!!!!!

Umm.... OK I think that's actually pretty much everything that has happened since my last entry!
Someone's here for training so I best be off!

Enjoy your weekend bloggers!

Signing out,

Jade Wright