Monday, July 19, 2010

1 German, 1 Brit and 2 South African

Had an absolutely amazing weekend! It was the most fun that I have had in such a long time.
On Friday the 16th, Brendon arrived back from his travels away, so we had all suggested meeting at Swing Cafe for pre-drinks before hitting the clubs.
Now as many of my closer friends know, Swing Cafe and I don't exactly get along. I rarely leave that place in the right state of mind. Friday was no different.
I have had my drink spiked there once before and the other times it has just been awful experiences, I always get way to drunk way to quickly and make an idiot of myself.
Friday night I had about 4 hunters dry ciders and a coffee tequila shot. It was my first time in my drinking history that I had been brave enough to try a tequila. Don't think it was a good idea.
My head was spinning and Brendon and his good friend Gustav had to get my peanuts and water.
My nickname for years now has been 'Peanut' though I doubt I'll ever look at it the same way after Friday night.
I spewed EVERYWHERE!!!
Unfortunately I was far too drunk to make it to the actual party. Gustav, Brendon, Lucien and Chantelle bravely took me past a massive road block (we were all intoxicated) and got me into bed.
The stories from the rest of their night while I was in my drunken slumber are absolutely horrendous!!! - Lets just say that the next day no one could get a hold of Chantelle and I had to drag my hungover ass out of bed to take her shift in the gym. Thankfully just as I arrived she bolted through the door herself so I got to go back home. Think she is quite a bit of trouble of that though, because she was half an hour late for work and our boss Brendon was there waiting for her. Eek...

As for the rest of the day. I finally got over my hangover, and was supposed to go to my brother's 23rd birthday party but at the last minute I got a once in a lifetime chance to do a whole bunch of adventure activities with Brendon, Chantelle and Gustav for free! My mum told me to go have fun, think she was very jealous!

So off we drove to the Eastern Cape. If I don't have numerous amounts of speeding fines I will be shocked. Brendon, Gustav and I RACED to our destination, seeing who could get there first. I was in lead to begin with, going about 160 on an 80 road. Just as I was feeling pretty confident and professional I saw Brendon and Gustav on my tail and they soon sped past me and Chantelle begged me to slow down because she was getting nervous so I relaxed to about 145.

After arriving there we zip-lined through trees and above waterfalls. It was so insanely beautiful. Chantelle and Gustav are the funniest two people the world could ever meet. The two of them together is an absolute nightmare! My stomach muscles are in so much pain from laughing so hard this weekend.
Videos are up on facebook, you will see what I mean!

After we did our adventure stuff it was time to go to a Merrell charity event in aid of orphans. We all played around with the kids for a little while and had a glass of white wine. Then we decided it was time to do a bar hop.
..... I have NEVER in my entire life seen Plett so dead. It was worse than Knysna (which is saying something!) One place we went to literally told us to l eave at midnight because they were going to close for the night.
We got so bored that we stopped at a garage station and bought a whole bunch of biscuits and chocolates.
Back at the beach house, Brendon put on a horror movie called Haunting in Connecticut. I got about half way through but fell asleep. When I woke it was just me, Chantelle and Gustav on the couch all passed out like babies. Brendon had disappeared. I kicked Chantelle awake and we snuggled into our king sized bed in the other room.
Brendon and Gustav were meant to be sharing a room with two single beds but Gustav let a KILLER one rip and Brendon went to sleep on the couch. It was hilarious. BOYS!!!!

Sunday... Brendon and Gustav decided they wanted to go for a run. So after an amazing feast of a breakfast we all set off. Brendon and Gus went for a run while Chantelle and I were dropped off in a forest to mess around for an hour. We then all headed out to a nearby restaurant for lunch called The Heath. On the menu it said 'Jade's Cafe' so I was seriously chuffed!
Got talking to a couple of guys that were chilling outside because I'd recognized a really awesome song playing and they were quite impressed that I knew the artist, Yoav.
Fell asleep on the couch for a while when we all got back to the beach house... Then was rudely and SORELY awoken by Brendon slapping me! About two minutes after that I tried to watch the video of me yelping in pain and I walked right into a glass sliding door. Everyone was on the floor laughing at me! Assholes. Hee hee!

So overall it was an GREAT weekend!
Got Chinese soup for supper last night and watched Dear John.
Don't think there will be a weekend that could top this one. Pity about my missing out on the Friday, but I think I would be a zombie today if I'd fitted that part into my weekend too!

Thanx to everyone that made it such a special and memorable time!

Signing out,

Jade Wright

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