Monday, July 12, 2010

The Beginning of a new Week.

Its the beginning of a new week, and just as a I thought I was moving past my grandfathers death, something else had to come along and push me down again.

My Cassy dog (my first dog) has been acting up for about 2 days now. She has bad arthritis and this cold isn't doing her any justice. She's been shaking and whimpering, crying if we're not around her... then last night while I was giving her cuddles, I found a growth the size of a large grape on the side of her head. It looks like a brain. Pink and tiny red veins scattered around it. My mum says it doesn't look good.
We've called the vet, who is coming over at ten to take a look at her. I'll be at work, but my mum has promised not to let her do anything (like put her down) unless I'm there.

Otherwise, my weekend was great. Friday night I went out for the first time in weeks, maybe even months, and had such a good time. There were one or two things that I really could have done without, but overall it was a good night out with my friends.
Saturday morning I got to work still intoxicated, my head span all day. As soon as I finally got home after a morning in gym, I passed out for hours! I don't mean two or three hours, I mean about eight! It was amazing! Watched a bit of TV when I got up, but fell back asleep again until about eleven.
Sunday was no different. Slept ALL day. Think I really needed it!
Feeling much more alive than I have been in the last couple of weeks.

Hoping this week gets better... Its already off to a bad start!
Watched the Spain VS Holland match last night in bed with my kitten. What a messy match!!! Unfortunately I didn't get to watch the ending because as it was still 0-0 at about 86minutes in, I finally got bored and fell asleep. Heard Spain won though... I was supporting Holland so was pretty disappointed when I got onto facebook this morning and found out the news.
Since I'd been given a Holland shirt I'd worn it for every match, but last night I was in my Buddha top, so maybe I jinxed it! Oops!!!

Fingers and toes crossed that this week improves!

Signing off...


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