Saturday, July 17, 2010

More pointless ramblings of a no body

Its almost the end of another week.

I suppose it did improve in the end.
My mum forgot to tell the vet about my dogs growth but she's on pain killers right now, so she is doing a lot better than before. She just needs a lot of love and attention.

South Africa has never been this cold since I have moved here. There is snow up on the Outeniqua Mountains. I went to see a few weeks back but I was too late. It has returned now, and I feel like I am back in England! I've started sleeping with a hot water bottle every night, two blankets, switched my heater on, and an over-sized jumper but I still shiver!
I love winter, but I think I am yearning for a bit of warmth on my skin now!!! In the shower this morning, I must have stayed under the flowing water for at least 15minutes, so reluctant to get out.

It is my brother's birthday today, so he's having a small group of friends around for a barbeque and some drinks. After I've shown my face for a couple of hours, I'm off to Plett to party with my boss, Gustav and Chantelle. Will be the 2nd time I've been out in Plett, not really keen to go out again, but I need to let loose for a while I think.

Last night I don't know what happened to me! I went to Swing Cafe with Chantelle. I knew I shouldn't have, because every single time I go there, I don't walk back through that doorway without staggering. I've had my drink spiked there once and it was the most petrifying experience. Last night I had about 4 drinks, so I'm not sure HOW I got so badly drunk, and I had my first ever shot of tequila! =)
It was almost a coffee flavor, was quite nice but don't think my body / liver liked it too much!
Somehow Chantelle, Brendon, Gustav and Lucien managed to get me home after a flirtatious talk with some police to get us out of being kicked into a cell for drunk driving!!!
Got home and into bed, passed out while they drove off to carry on with their night!

Got a text in the morning from my boss, Chantelle was meant to be on duty at the gym and she was already a half an hour late for work and her phone was off. I asked Brendon if he'd like me to fill in, so I shot up and shoved some clothes on and bolted to work.
When I got there he apologized as Chantelle had just walked through the door.
She's in a bit of trouble I think, as he says he will 'discuss it with her on Monday...' doesn't sound good! Eek!
Luckily I'm quite responsible when it comes to work and time. I am the sort of person that usually arrives at least 20minutes early, I hate being late!

Off for coffee with a good friend now, will fill you all in on my adventures at a later stage...

Enjoy what is left of the weekend,

Jade Wright

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