Monday, September 20, 2010

History of the last 2 months

Wow... Yet again I have neglected my blog; become careless and forgotten how much writing means to me... Guess its time to finally free my fingers and let them flow over the keyboard.

So the last you bloggers heard, was about my weekend with Chantelle, Brendon and Gustav. Gustav is actually coming back to visit us for Chantelle's 20th birthday this coming weekend and we have lots of great stuff planned which hopefully I'll get around to writing about at some point.

Guess the first thing you all need to know, is that I turned blonde!!! Who would have thought? Dark and mysterious me, a platinum blonde! Some people love it, some people hate it. I think its OK... Miss my dark curtain though, its who I am, though I am trying to lighten up my life and change a few certain things. Finally realized some things in my life need to change,
a hair color might not seem like a big thing to you, but blonde makes me feel lighter, happier and more feminine.

The next big change (there have been a few!) is that my 23 year old brother got engaged! The happy couple are planning the big day for around this time next year and not only am I one of three maid of honors but also my new sister in laws host for her hen party! Unfortunately I can't give away any of the fantastic ideas I've got swimming around in my head just in case by some miracle someone is actually reading this and informs her of what she has just gotten herself into!

My beautiful Labrador, Cassy and my two first cats, Cola & Pepsi were put down. They were all so old, but they made our home complete, without them it feels empty... I held my Cassy dog all the way through when they injected her and she passed away in my arms, my moms arms and my brothers arms. We were all loving and cuddling her and crying. The vet wanted to give me a Valium because I was so shaken up.
Even though its been a while, I still come home after work and look for them all. I know they aren't coming back, but sometimes I just forget their all gone and I've caught myself actually calling out for them and when I realize they are gone, it kills me inside.

I was really sick for a few weeks too. Had pneumonia and lost weight, which isn't good considering I'm already tiny. Picked it all back up and more since I got better though!

I met someone.
He is a fantastic guy and there isn't anything bad I can really say about him. We spent one week together, not dating, but getting to know one another and we really get along so well. The only downside is that one of my ex's is in his family and us being together could cause family friction. The last thing I want to do is upset a family or cause problems, so I didn't try to fight for him. We had some time apart, and in that time this guy managed to kiss another girl right in front of me, which crushed me after I'd poured my heart out to him. Its not like I had the right to be angry, we weren't together, but there's no denying it hurt!
I had a couple of his things so we met up for dinner at this GORGEOUS restaurant out of town called Emily Moon so I could return his stuff. We literally didn't shut up for the car ride there, all through dinner and the car ride back. He invited me up to his apartment afterwards and he made me a cup of tea and we spent another full hour talking! I don't know how we did it! I felt really good after I left, because nothing happened, we didn't kiss, just hugged hello and good bye. I felt like it could be a real friendship as we got on so fantastically.
We started hanging out a bit more and he told me he was interested in adopting a dog, so I trotted off to Animal Welfare to see what they had to offer.
I found the sweetest little female pavement special that I tugged Michael to have a look at the next day and he instantly adored her before I'd even pointed her out to him.
The welfare inspected his house and he got approval and now she's adopted!!! Its quite sweet because Michael always calls me 'Mommy' now.
He named her Taj - after Taj Burrow, the surfer.
Saturday we took her to the Saturday Market in Sedgefield and EVERYONE adored her. We couldn't even walk two steps without little children, grannies and happy couples stopping us in our tracks to love and coo over her.
We had a picnic by the lagoon and tried to get her to swim for the first time but she wasn't too keen.
Yesterday we took her out on a canoe and at first she hated it. She dived off and Michael had to dive in after her, it was so cute. I took some great pictures. We hiked up this STEEP sand dune and chilled at the top of a gorgeous sand mountain for a while.
Also later that evening I met a couple of Michael's friends, had a couple of drinks and relaxed with them. They are so chilled, I love it. There's no pressure of needing to look good or say the right things, their the sort of people that you can truly just be yourself around and they'll accept you for who you really are. Wish there were more people in the world like that. These days everyone is so conformed.
Don't know whats going to happen between me and Michael - right now we're just really enjoying each others company. There's no doubt about it that we would be good together, but I'm not going to force anything. If anything ends up happening, I want it to be natural.

Still working at Curves, reached my monthly target this month and I'm doing better than both the other ladies that work in the club so I'm ecstatic!
Its getting easier waking up so early lately as well, as summer is on its way (slowly but surely!) and the mornings aren't so dark anymore.

That's pretty much it! I promise to try and write a bit more often and next time try and put a bit more effort into it as this entry is pretty sloppy!

Thanx to whoever is actually reading this!

Peace Out.