Sunday, October 24, 2010


So its a cold and rainy night. I am sitting in my room with a mug filled with delicious smelling coffee, I can hear the rain falling to the dampened grass outside and I can see the water droplets slowly slipping down my window pane. I don't know what it is about weather like this, but it always puts me in a creative mood.

Nothing ever blossomed between me and the cute waiter who I so boldly gave my number to. He's a nice guy, but as it turned out, we just didn't connect. Not in the way that Michael and I did anyway. With Michael, every moment is perfect. We fit into each others arms so amazingly. There was never an uncomfortable moment, never the slightest bit of awkwardness.
I can' put into words the connection that Michael and I have; which frustrates me because putting feelings down from a pen to paper is what I do! Its my passion, and now there are no words to describe what Michael and I share.

Right now I'm hovering my fingers over the key-board, listening to The Cat Empire and just wanting to write - but I can't think of anything to say.............

I may be going to the Transkei in December, I have leave that I can take from work and since I have taken up surfing again I've got a couple of buddies going there to catch some waves, so I may join them for the journey!

OH! I learnt a pretty valuable lesson a couple of weeks back. DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. I always trust far too easily and confide in people when I am going through something tough, and me being as naive as I am, would never think they would go and spread my private life around the whole of the western cape... but apparently they would.
People these days are just after a good bit of gossip, so that they have five seconds of being everyones greatest interest.
I need to start dealing with my personal situations by myself and find the answers without help from others. I need to deal with things in a way that I choose and not rely on other peoples advice. Its a great build up of your inner self and strengthens your whole being.

Blonde hair is far to high maintenance for me. Dying it back to my lovely and wonderful dark curtain on the 2nd of November. Got an email from a great photographer that wants to do a shoot with me, but in order to do the shoot I need to have dark hair again - so its win win!
Blonde is great, it makes me feel much more beautiful, but its just not me. Cannot WAIT for my hair to grow again either! Cutting it all off was the worst mistake I've ever made.

My tattoo is still a bit scabby and still can't get it wet, which makes bathing and surfing so difficult! But soon it will be all healed up and ready to show off to the word!

Now I am just writing a load of boring junk that is not worthy of publishing... thinking of high lighting it all and pressing backspace.. but then in a couple of months when I re-read this entry at least I'll sit back and have a good laugh.

So I'm off, going to pour myself a nice glass of red, run a bath and read a book! Delightful Sunday night :)

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