Monday, January 24, 2011

Happiness is....

Things are going well with Funie and I. We've been together now for about two and a half weeks and I feel like we grow closer each and every day. We're so open with each other and tell each other everything. We goof around and laugh a lot. He makes me so happy.
My folks invited him over for dinner and he brought along a bottle of red wine as a gift. Instant hit with my mom! I also got invited over to meet his family and decided a box of chocolates would be a better idea to bring with me as at the end of the evening with my parents, Funie wasn't able to say goodbye because they were happily snoring on the sofa! Only my parents....
He also gets along great with Michael. That's a good thing because although Michael and I have ended things, we still consider each other very close friends. There are no hard feelings. Michael's one of those people that came into my life so unexpectedly, I think that he will always have a piece of my heart. But its time to face reality, grow up and move on. So although he'll always have a special piece of me, I'm giving Funie the rest.
Things seem to be working out perfectly.
Chantelle recieved R10'000 from Vodacom, which she's been ecstatic about. I don't think she's using the money wisely though. The gift card is valid until 2013; and on the first day that the card was activated she went out and bought jewelry and shoes! But its her money, her loss!

Valentines day is coming up and I've planned something lovely for Funie. I casually brought up presents and asked what sort of things he likes. He merely said that gifts are either a 'hit or a miss' with him. Hmm... Made me a bit nervous. So I've planned something else. He always asks me to massage his back and so I've booked him an amazing massage with my friend Janet. People don't stop talking about how amazing her massages are. So I've bought him a big valentines day card and inside will be his back massage information. Really hope he likes it!

Some more big news: I finally resigned from Curves. After a year there I finally realized that its not the industry I want to build my future around. Tomorrow is my last day there. Today work has been extremely stressful and a horrible way to end my employment there. We got robbed on Saturday afternoon. Whoever it was climbed through a window, forced open our cash box and must have cut themselves in the process. There's dry blood all over the window and I think he/she must have gotten a fright when our alarm went off because a wallet was found lying on the ground that wasn't there when I locked up. Inside the wallet was R40 and a couple of slips, one being an electricity slip, which could lead us straight to his house! So we're all keeping our fingers crossed that we catch whoever it was or else our Manager's said that we have to pay for what was taken out of our salaries..... So happy I stop working there tomorrow! It just seems paradoxical of them to say that we have to pay for someone breaking in and stealing money. It was theft! It wasn't our fault!
I got a job at Easy Holidays, a sales company. My role will be 'TeleMarketing.' I don't know if I'm going to enjoy it or do well, but I couldn't stay at Curves any longer so there's no harm in trying something else. I start on the 7th February, so I have 12 days to laze around and have a holiday before working again, in which I am praying for good weather so I can relax on the beach and surf for two weeks straight!

After I got the job on Friday, Funie took me out to celebrate. We partied so hard and only went to sleep at 05:30am on Saturday morning. We spent the whole day in bed like zombies.
On Sunday we finally felt human again and took Funie's puppy, Kasper, to the beach for a walk.
It was a good day. We always have good days.

I'm finally happy. I really hope it lasts.

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