Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meeting Yoav

After clocking out of work on Tuesday afternoon I raced home to change before Funie came to pick me up in his white Colt bakkie.
He was taking me through to Plett to meet a famous musician, Yoav. His friend Warren, a wonderful, benevolent sort of guy, personally knows him from high school.
My ex boyfriend had introduced me to Yoav's music and I'd been hooked ever since, I couldn't believe that I had the benediction of meet him!

I was extremely let down and disappointed when I met him. Warren introduced me and I shook his hand, smiling like a goofy idiot and blurted out how big of a fan I was. He didn't smile, his only response was, "Oh, good," then retreated back to a board game with some anorexic harpist. He'd been completely disinterested. I wasn't sure exactly what I'd expected, but it definitely wasn't that!

Funie took me for lunch at The Heath, I had a big chicken salad and he had two scones. I've always enjoyed eating at The Heath. Lovely scenery, incredible food and a folk-like rustic vibe throughout the whole plot.
Out back is an Eagle Encounter center, where you can hold Eagle's on your arms and take advantage of the beauty of the world.
When you enter the bathrooms you have to be cautious of the wild monkey's roaming around, as a little girl I used to be petrified of going alone and with a tin roof top, any noise made me freak out.
In front is a beautiful maze garden and hammocks to lounge in. Its also a children-friendly place, with a small playground and exciting fuffy-slide that they only put in when I was too big to try it out, but either way I think it completes the place.
There's even a small trinklet shop selling African jewelry and other precious gems.

Warren works at The Heath and once we'd gotten there he apologized to us about Yoav's fictitious behavior.

Later that night we all met up by a camp fire for a braai and some drinks. Yoav was there (without the easily breakable harpist,) and seemed much more pleasant this time round.
I couldn't believe I was around a small campfire with only about five other people, including Yoav! He even got out his guitar and played us never before heard songs that he's working on and one of my favorite older numbers!

So maybe my first impression was wrong.
Yesterday has definitely been the highlight of my year so far; getting to snuggle into Funie while watching one of my favorite musicians unplugged around a warm camp fire.

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