Monday, February 28, 2011

Catching up and Connections.....

Well, its another Leap Year... And its going fast! Tomorrow we will be heading into March! Thankfully and gradually through a substantial amount of horrible time, I found a job. But for once I am going to write my blog in order and not get ahead of myself.
So where were we? Ah yes - Valentines Day...

Unfortunately there is nothing to brag about on my blog about my 2011 Valentines. Funie and I were both flat broke for the majority of February so we kept things simple. We ordered Thai Takeouts, watched a DVD and fell asleep early. I did surprise him with a back massage with Janet at Body Essence, but he only got it on the 19th.

I went for numerous amounts of interviews, all of which turned out to be massive let downs. Most of them were all based around commission and another ridiculous one wanted my hours to be 7pm - 7am!!! (and the salary wasn't even handsome!)
I feel for everyone out there looking for a job, especially in Knysna! It is extremely dense and difficult to find one! You have literally got to lie your way through every job interview and tell them anything and everything that they want to hear for them to even to consider you being applicable for the position.
Well, I've pretty much always done that to secure a job..... I guess most people do right? You tell them stuff like your weaknesses are that you are a perfectionist etc... You don't go and say: 'Well, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to work and I get really grumpy when I don't eat or haven't slept enough........."

After a rough couple of days, Michael told me he'd spend the day with me and try to cheer me up. Funie was working and as I'd spent an uncountable number of days at home behind my computer screen writing my latest novel, I jumped at the chance to get out and have some fun with a good friend.
We were half way through driving to Plett, after saying we were just going to 'drive' and see where the road takes us while listening and singing along to music in his jeep, when we accidently hit a baby baboon. Michael nearly cried and it was completely awful. I made him turn the car around so we could see if the poor thing was OK but it was gone. The mother had picked it up and ran off into the bush, so ever since I've just been hoping that we just ran over its foot or something and that it will eventually heal :(
We tried hard to forget about it and went for a long surf, I don't mean to brag, but I ROCKED! I know to bystanders I still look like a beginner surfer and so on, but I can feel the difference and improvements every day! It feels amazing! One day I'll look good too, but for now, just feeling good and learning is enough for me!

I finally found a job at East Heads Cafe, a local cafe by a beautiful tourist destination in Knysna. Its absolutely fantastic to have such an amazing view to look at when I'm at work, and I get so many compliments from our guests. I'm pretty sad that my time has been taken away from my writing, I think I was really getting somewhere with it. Now though, I'm far too tired to write when I get home from work.
I get one 'off-day' a week, so I'm planning on using those days to write in. I work through weekends now too, so its almost as though I don't have one which I can't deny is shitty... but right now I need the cash so I'm going to have to suck it up until something better comes along.

The below is just a little paragraph of writing I wrote; about connections:

How often is it that you feel a strong sparkling connection with someone? I've barely ever felt that instant surge of complete attraction, so when I feel it, I know it must mean something special. I've obviously felt instant attraction to someone; where you think someone is gorgeous and you wouldn't mind getting to know them better. But some sparks, rare ones, are different. You feel that, but on a whole other level. Its like your finger tips burn for just one touch, your eyes are glued and your heart is pulsating ten times faster than the norm.... When I felt that connection, time stopped and movement stopped all in one... Then reality comes rushing back to you and you wonder insecurely if they feel it too; and you wonder what the hell you should do.... What would you? If you felt that, would you fight for it, regarding all consequences? Or would you try to forget and always wonder, what if???

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