Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day Bloggers!

First off, Happy Valentines Day. Ah - love is in the air. Couples everywhere seem to be holding hands and doing various other forms of serious PDA. As I flick through the channels on the radio, it appears that all of the hosts seem to be talking about the same thing.
I myself, have decided to love myself today and cleanse my inner being. Have you ever noticed what an effect your dirty room can have on your life? It can leave you feeling heavy and miserable.
My room is not the problem. My cupboards are. I have clothes that I have owned for over fourteen years laying dormant somewhere at the back of my cupboards! So today, while my boyfriend grinds away at work, I will grind away in my cupboards.
Not only will it help me get rid of a whole stack of clothing useless to me now, it will also give me a limited amount of extra spending money while I'm unemployed!

Lately, my mind has been practically exploding with Italian. As a major part of my new novel, I've had to crack out an Italian dictionary. The other night at Mario's I managed to have an entire (staggering) conversation in Italian with the owner!
I have written twenty one pages of complete and utter brilliance so far. Unfortunately I tire quickly from writing as I am kept cooped up in my repulsively hot room, behind an unmovable, large computer. I so desperately wish that I had a macbook / netbook to pack in a bag and take around with me, just for a change in scenery. Its amazing how much that can help.
I would absolutely adore carrying my laptop into Mugg & Bean, setting it up and ordering coffee after coffee as I type away...

I have managed to break away from the house once or twice though, I must admit. On Friday I went surfing with Michael and I was so proud and impressed with myself. It was the first time that I noticed a real improvement in my surfing. I rode down the face of the wave, staying up for longer than I ever have before and feeling a hell of a lot more confident than I ever have before for some unknown reason.
The most amazing alteration I noticed was when Michael told me to try catch a left, and I did!! Usually, when I ride a left wave, I end up going right anyway with or without me trying to. Its just my natural way. Yet on Friday, I concentrated and tried harder than I ever have and suddenly realized half way through that I had turned left and was riding down the face of the wave!
There is still a lot of room for improvement but for now I'm overjoyed with my progress!

Knysna is such a shit-hole. I apologize for my use of language here, but there is really no other way to put it! On Saturday Jobi threw a farewell braai at Buffs because he's heading back to Australia today. Having just finished a surf, there was no time to change or attempt to neaten up. We had a great night and a good party, then decided to check out the vibe at Swing Cafe. I arrived with no make-up on and a baggy grey t-shirt and jeans. I also had a shiny red nose and pink cheeks thanks to catching a little bit too much sun earlier in the day.
Over three people came up to me asking me if I was
A) alright?
B) drunk?
Clearly none of them had ever seen me looking outrageously natural before. Some of them even rudely commented how 'terrible' I looked! And yes, I am referring to you, Matthew Evans! Thank you very much!
Its amazing how people start to think that the classy, tight fitting clothing, perfectly flattened and clean hair and flawless makeup is who a person is, in this town.
Over the weekend I have actually been contemplating whether I should start wearing minimum to no makeup from now on. As a newly reformed 'surfer girl,' makeup just gets in the way anyway!

In latest news, it absolutely astounds me how someone close to entering their thirties can be so immature!!! Funie and I saw his ex at Buffs on Sunday and lets just say, she was less than friendly to me. I went as far as saying hello and asking how she was and she didn't even turn to face me....
A few weeks ago, she was fine with me. We spoke and she was very friendly and accepting. Yet now that she knows she doesn't stand a chance with Funie anymore and that I won in the strange situation the three of us found ourselves entangled in; she won't even look at me! I realize now that the whole time she was being polite to me was all fake, to show Funie that she was the bigger person. Now her true colors come out. It is her own fault though, which is something I wish she'd realize. She messed Funie around like he was a toy.

HAPPY THOUGHTS, HAPPY THOUGHTS.....! I can't help getting cross. There is no reason for her to be unfriendly to me. She makes out as though I came into her life just to destroy it. I have nothing to do with her. Of all people I am the last person she should be mad at! She doesn't even know me! It really does baffle me how some people's minds work.

I never wanted to hurt anyone. I didn't even know I was going to!
I had no idea he had an ex girlfriend that was still in the picture when we got together on Christmas day! - Just thought I'd put my side of the story out there!

Either way, Happy Valentines Day bloggers. Hope you all get spoiled rotten.

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