Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Don't like my Blog? Then don't read it. Simple.

Apologies for the early morning rant.... but it must be done.

It appears that some people are overly sensitive about my blog and have somehow found the time in their life to actually read it! (That is the first sign of knowing that you need a life!) An old friend of mine stumbled across a paragraph about her somewhere throughout these blog entries about how I think that she is wasting her money after winning R10'000.
To me, a blog is basically paragraphs after paragraphs of someones personal opinions and if you are not happy with them, don't read them! Besides, re-reading what I wrote, I found absolutely nothing bitchy or mean. All I found was my personal opinion about how she spends her R10'000. Which I had told her to her face after she came back from the first day of her card being activated with a whole bunch of random materialistic things that she wanted but didn't need! Stuff that she has either probably already lost or lost interest in already! My only point was that if you have a R10'000 spending card just GIVEN to you that is valid until 2013, spend it wisely! She's swiping her card daily like the worlds really going to come to an end in 2012!!!
Re-reading what I wrote, I nearly died from laughter inside, which is scientifically impossible but a funny thought nonetheless.
She sent me this seriously petty and childish email saying how she cannot believe that I wrote about her in my blog and ESPECIALLY that I said she was wasting her money... 'not cool,' I quote.
After reading the email I rolled my eyes and sighed, replying quite simply, 'get over it.' This reply however, was certainly NOT the one she had in mind and wrote back to me in furious immaturity calling me the....... 'B' word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my Gosh! I am so hurt! (insert sarcasm here) Did she really expect me to apologize?
Anyway, I told her that she was being childish and that she was just looking for a reason to fight and I told her I wasn't going to play her game. If two friends don't fight in this town for a maximum of a fortnight, it seems they go rabid and start poking at anyone to cause a rough and tumble. It is entertaining to watch how people really do get sucked into this town and cause drama out of nothing.
So where was I? Oh yes, standing my ground of not fighting with her...... "I don't want to fight, I'm not you Jade!" was the next thing she wrote to me... Hmm... now this reply really did confuse the hell out of me. Where was one scrap of this girls logic here???
Dumbfounded, I typed back dubiously... "Then why did YOU email me? and why did YOU start calling me ugly names?"
I mean really, what a contradiction..
Well, it appears she did not appreciated being proven wrong and after reading that message she blocked me! WELL DONE! :)

Again.... it baffles me how some people's minds work.

It is simple. Don't like me blog? Don't read it.

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