Thursday, March 24, 2011

Its all heading in the right direction.....

Where do I begin? It has only been a week since my last entry and already so many amazing things have happened...
My relationship with Shaun is really blossoming or as he would say, 'heading in the right direction...' It feels as though I've both known him and been with him for much longer than a few weeks now. He's everything that I've ever wanted in a man and more! He's sweet and caring, thoughtful and over all he just makes me feel so comfortable and special.
We've done so many amazing things together already and made some really special memories. We spent a weekend away together at a farm in Harkerville, we've spent a Friday night in with pizza and a bottle of red wine, we've hiked up to Drupkelders and swam in their beautiful rock-pools and we've taken a lovely sunset walk along Buffalo Bay Beach.
I get butterflies every time I look at him.
Some things that make him so different from everyone else is just how genuine and thoughtful he is. We went for an adventure in the forest with a six pack of Hunters Dry and got talking about places we want to go to, I mentioned a place near Plettenburg Bay, its a restaurant up in the tree tops and he told me he'd actually been thinking about taking me there for my birthday. Its just the little things he says and does that really take my breath away. Even if we don't end up going to this restaurant in May, its the thought that counts!

I feel so lucky to have met him and I must admit that I haven't been this happy in a long time....

OK, now off the topic of my amazing relationship with my amazing guy.... I have entered Miss Zanzibar 2011. I am competing against 9 other stunning and confident girls and at first I was really feeling nervous and basically ruining the entire experience for myself. Now though, I've decided that the best attitude is to go into this thing without getting my hopes up, try my absolute hardest and if I don't win then I will clap and cheer for whoever does!

Wish me luck!
Fingers crossed!

Will update you all soon,


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