Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jade's Fashion Style Secrets

Firstly, find a store you know you love. One that without a doubt, will always have at least one item of clothing you can't leave the store without.
For me, that store is well known UK brand: Topshop.

For those cosy winter days cooped up inside, you will always like to have a handy sweater at the ready. There are so many things you could do with this sweater to make it look simple yet chic... Pair it with a plain pair of black leggings and some warm furry uggs. Put your hair into a messy pony-tail or bun and slide a headband on for a scruffy yet sexy appearance.

Next, we have the every girls must-have for her closet. The checkered, button-up. This goes amazingly well with quarter length denims and a nice pair of casual heels. Hair up or down, it doesn't really matter. The only problem with this sort of top in South Africa is that its a struggle to find one that's figure hugging and fashionable... but as I always say, if its meant to be it will be.

Shorts are tricky and there are so many ways that you can wear them . In every girls closet there should be a number a shorts to pair for different occasions. Beige shorts if you haven't yet noticed makes it easy to wear almost any vest / shirt.
Floral shorts are very vintage and unique, a lot of girls would be too scared to step out of their comfort zone and try these adorable shorts on or wear them in public, but really, they are so cute!

The next pair of shorts you should have air the waist high shorts, similar to the waist high skirt but with just that little bit more of an edge. Wearing these sort of shorts out to a club goes down amazingly and they have an advantage, SO comfortable!

Where is your little black dress? I hope you have one! You can get strapless black dresses, strappy black dresses, sleeved or long-sleeved. As its winter here right now I'm going to show you a more practical black dress.
This long sleeved item can be worn to all sorts of events. My favorite way to wear it would be with some knee high socks. Its got a gorgeous plunging back which adds a sense of classy, sexy maturity:

Come back tomorrow for more fashion style secrets.......... ;-)

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