Monday, May 23, 2011


The time has come for me to move past my adolescent years and enter a whole new era. Today is the eighth day into my inchoate adulthood. I find it odd to think that it is in this decade that I will be getting married, having children and forming a brand new life for myself. My previous decade seems so inanimate to me now. Perhaps this would be the right time to write down my thoughts of what life will be like as I enter my next decade... my thirties; presuming that the world does not end next year of course.

In my thirties I wish to already be married, to have three gorgeous children with a wonderful man and have a stunning house adorned with family photographs. I will have published the novel that I am working on now and many more; and many of them, if not all, will become best sellers.

I will be a well-known author like Danielle Steel (although I have never read one of her novels, she was the first author to come to mind...) but not too well-known like J.K.Rowling (whose ten novels I have deliciously devoured).

I will still be residing in South Africa yet will have travelled much more of the world.

My kids will be my life. I will give up anything for them and be happy with my husband. It will never be a settlement. It will be true, everlasting love and I will be happy.

That is my prediction – written on the 23.05.2011

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