Monday, June 20, 2011

What's happening?

What to write? Its been a while since I've used this site for anything more than my fashion opinions... and although I have a great amount of fun doing that, its still nice to just let loose and write a big load of messy writing for a lonely soul to read.
The truth is that I take no time in perfecting my writing on this site. I write down what I think;what I feel, and I publish it without a second glance.

Last time I typed away my personal thoughts was the 23rd May and I wrote about my predictions for my next decade. What has happened since then? I suppose its best to start with the most life-changing event... Shaun told me that he loved me.
It was the 25th of May and we'd decided to have a braai at the Howarth's house in Kennet Street. I'd recently set up Rachel and another very good friend of mine so it was more of a couples evening to be honest... We wined and we dined; and after we had demolished at least four bottles of wine between us, I was feeling mighty tipsy. We said our goodbye's and headed back to Shaun's house, me staggering oh so attractively as we entered the front door. I was leaning on the dining room table, trying to come to terms with my drunken state when Shaun came and put his arms around me and he whispered for the very first time, "Jade, I'm in love with you," he then came in for a kiss and suddenly I realized that I couldn't breath, I'd become dizzy and I needed space. I think it was a combination of both the wine, cigarette's and the shock from the romantic confession; but I up-chucked EVERYWHERE!!
Poor Shaun confessed his love for me after eight years of believing he may never say those words again and me (a failure to man-kind) completely ruined the moment!
I stayed in his bathroom, clutching onto to toilet for countless hours after that while he showered and got into bed alone.

After regaining some pride from my epic fail, I finally managed to settle down and write a few chapters of my novel. I felt as though an explosion of inspiration had been let out of me and the chapters that I wrote were both thrilling and incredibly good! I have yet to decide on a title even through all of my brain-storming and efforts... I find it amazing how writing a 50-70'00 word novel can be so much easier than a 3-4 worded title.

I had my first lunch at Shaun's parents house as we entered the month of June. We had a lovely Sunday brunch and Shaun showed me countless photo albums from his childhood that warmed my heart and really made me realize how much I love him and his family.

I am still unemployed and desperately looking for work but while I am trying to find work, my novel has become my main priority and the guy that is proof reading it is thoroughly enjoying it. He said, (and I quote) "it has more twists and turns than the Cobra and Ratanga Junction!" This comment made me extremely happy and proud. I have roughly 20'000 more words to go before it is completed and then I can start sending it off to publishers and get started on my second novel that I have already started brain-storming for!

In latest news, Shaun turned twenty-nine and this coming weekend I have booked us a place to stay and I plan on spoiling him rotten.

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