Friday, July 15, 2011

A rant - anger and happiness combined!

Greetings from a very warm and sunny Knysna.

It seems as though life has taken yet another dramatic turn for me. Finally, after over four months without work, I have found a job! I started working at Belvidere Manor on Monday morning, with the job title being: Guest Liaison Manager.
So far the job is great. It is off-peak right now so its quiet, which gives me the opportunity to settle in and learn how everything works.
Although quiet, it is still overwhelming. There is a lot to take in and learn but five days in and I'm already answering the telephone, making booking and friends!
Unfortunately the hotel industry means working some weekends and public holidays, including Christmas and New Years. There are perks however... I get to do so many amazing touristy things if not for free then at least at a great discount price. I can go to game reserves and visit places such as Tsitsikamma and Cango Caves; I can also go aboard the Springtide Charter (a local yacht) and take a trip with my partner (Shaun Barnard.) I have never been on a yacht or done so many amazing things, I haven't been to many game reserves or experienced the activities that there are to do around my country so this would be a great opportunity for me.

Most things seem to be almost perfect right now. Shaun and I are still smiling.

One dampner has been set in place thanks to an extremely psychotic women who married an old friend of mine though. She and I had a feud about a photoshoot I had with her hubby that he lied about to her and suddenly it was all my fault. Her hubby told me how insecure she was concerning me because he'd told her that he had a small thing for me a while ago. Although I heard this straight from the horses mouth, she is now telling me that he never considered me a friend and always thought that I was 'annoying.'
Why then, I would have asked her if she had not quickly blocked me after such a horrid reply, was he the one to always say hello to me on Facebook almost every time??? If only she knew........
I do not wish to break up any happy marriage, which is why I sent her an email trying to put the past behind us. We have to see each other at my brothers wedding and this coming Sunday at my brothers birthday party.
Her reply was so pathetic. She told me that she does not think that my 'apology' was sincere and told me she didn't want to associate with me at all. I replied telling her that I would love to have the pleasure of never associating with the likes of her ever again either but unfortunately we are going to have to. Again I apologised and told her that this was as sincere as I could get and added that I was not going to chase after her and grovel for forgiveness when she was the one that started this nonsense!
She then had the cheek to tell me that I am only invited to my brothers wedding by default, not because they actually want me there. She told me that I am just an annoying fly on the wall.
At first I was furious (I still am,) but after really considering these options: a) tazering the shit out of her until she ran away crying from the likes of both my home and my brothers wedding, b) punching her right in the face, and c) knocking some sense into her by smacking her over the head with an extremely thick, hard-covered book... I decided that I am going to CONTINUE to be the better person; and smile and wave.
This means that when I see her I will be as sweet as pie.
Because I don't know if she realizes this but she is a PLUS ONE at the wedding! If she were not with her lying, mangey husband she would not be thought of on the guest list at all! The only reason SHE is coming is out of politeness, not because anyone actually likes / wants her there. I think she is in denial and turning her feelings onto me. Shame.
So once my anger had been settled, I realized how much it really didn't bother me. I also realized that the one thing I could do to piss her off even further is to be extra sweet to her and make her realize how much her snide and immature comments did not hurt me.
All I and my family need to know is that I attempted to make it nice and she worsened it.
After being nice, if she so much as gives me a funny look I will get cross and shout and she better hope she has protection before I kick her cellulite ridden ass out of my house.

Kind regards,
Jade :)