Friday, August 5, 2011

21st & more surfing rambles

I have finally found it! My 21st theme...

I have been searching for an excuse to wear my Matric Dance dress again for months. I spent a fortune on it to only wear it once and I just couldn't bring myself to sell it or give it away.

A few friends of mine are celebrating their Matric Dance this evening and it got me envious; until I realized I could incorporate something into my up and coming 21st so that I can wear it! Ok, so its not exactly 'up and coming', it is still ten months away... but I believe that I 21st is like a wedding. It only happens once and you can never have enough planning! The sooner I start, the more perfect it will be when that day finally arrives.
So my theme has been decided: One More Time - Relive your Matric Dance

Now I can finally have my Matric dance with the man of my dreams, who I hadn't met soon enough for him to experience that special moment with me.

Everything seems to be going my way! I am in the best of moods. My surfing dream is well on its way to reality too I would say as the guy that shaped my jellyfish board is now going to be replicating my favorite board in the world for me in September. So I will be getting a smaller board that I can duckdive and I have begged Michael to start training me as often as we can. I want to devote every free second I have to surfing come hell or high water. I want to get good! Its a dream and its not going to happen unless I do something about it!

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