Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Banter

Since I got let-go from Belvidere Manor, I have been focusing mainly on my novel. I've recently started my second one which is going well so far.
I had left a printed copy of my first novel in the lounge of my house and I had no idea that someone would actually notice it. Yet the person I had least expected to take any interest in it, read the whole thing... my dad.
He told me that the story was impressive but it obviously needed tweaking here and there. He also told me that after chapter ten, my writing matured massively and basically put the first ten chapters to shame.
So before I continue writing my second novel, I somehow need to find the time to edit the first ten chapters again.
Why would I need to 'find the time' to edit these chapters you might ask?
Well, as everyone told me it would happen: when the hotel industry slammed the door in my face, two other doors opened.
One of those doors was at an advertising firm called the Jam Factory. I went for an interview there and when they were busy explaining the business to me I realized that this is exactly the type of place that I hope to end up in.
I don't want to be too presumptuous about landing the job, or get my hopes up too high... even so I am going back there in an hours time for a second interview and I want them to know how much I really want this job!!

If the job doesn't work out however, all is not lost. If they tell me that I didn't get it, I'm not going to think its the end of the world and cry and feel sorry for myself like I would usually do... instead I'll shake their hands and wish them all the best and also ask them to please keep my CV on file so that if they are looking for anyone in the future, they can consider me.
Also, I won't just go back to only focusing writing.....
I have applied to the Beauty Therapy Institute where I am going to start studying a Bridal, Day & Night Make-up course, a Manicure & Pedicure course AND a business administration course!
If (fingers crossed) I get this job at the Jam Factory, the university has told me that there are evening classes that I can take which would be perfect. The uni is right across from my boyfriends house anyway!
I am aware that it will be a lot of work and juggling both is going to be hectic... but I've been doing next to nothing for long enough now, so I'm ready to work my ass off and get somewhere with my life!!!

Surfing has been a bit non-existent recently to say the least... There was a shark attack in Plett a few days ago that has spooked me and until reports say that the number of shark sightings have dropped, I'm not getting on my board.
I know its silly to let something like that stop you from practicing. Sharks are always going to be there, its inevitable. If you let them freak you out, your dreams of surfing will quickly diminish.

Besides work and play... the love life is going well. Shaun and I are just days away from celebrating our first BIG anniversary which has worked out perfectly.
My folks are treating themselves to a week away in Kruger Park and have left me and Shaun to house sit, starting on the night of our anniversary...
Yes, I'm thinking the exact same thing as you! Sexy dinner, Jacuzzi, fire-place, movies...... I can hardly wait!
Tonight we're going to his parents for a braai. His brother is here from JHB for the weekend so it will be a nice welcome home, relaxed evening in.

OH!!! How could I forget?! I got a new car!!! The brand new Nissan Micra 2011 is now mine and I own the only model in town for now. I am so blessed! Giving up my beautiful Honda was hard but I am so happy with my gorgeous new, blue Micra! Shaun and I already went on a road-trip with her. Rachel and Michael came with us and the four of us enjoyed an amazing day out in Tsitsikamma.
Life is good... finally I am 100% content.

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