Friday, January 13, 2012

Last Night & Blue Valentine

After my second thrilling yogalates class yesterday evening I decided to settle down with my dog, Miss Elly, who was unfortunately spayed earlier that morning, and watch a movie.

Blue Valentine
I had recently seen a preview for for a film called 'Blue Valentine,' and it seemed like something I would enjoy. From what I had seen and heard it was one of those strange, arty films that leave you thinking.

I spotted a film of a similar style just days before this called, 'Last Night.'
Of course, any film with Keira Knightley in it is bound to be fantastic so I immediately ripped it from the rental stores shelf.
True to its word, it was fantastic.
Last Night
I was biting my nails the whole way through. They portrayed the feeling of utter temptation at its absolute best. Oddly, I found the film to be quite beautiful from Keira's characters side of things. She is completely head over heels for this French guy that she has a past with whom she bumps into while her hubby is out of town on a business trip. From the second you see their eyes meet, you know they love each other heart, body and soul. Meanwhile, her hubby has his own things to deal with as his sexy co-worker, conveniently played by Eva Mendes accompanies him on his trip. Husband and wife are drawn into lust and temptation. This sexy, beautiful and completely un-pausable film is well worth the watch!

Blue Valentine was popped into my DVD player after a refreshing shower and shoving on an over-sized hoodie and stretchy pants. 
This film is about two people, a man and a woman (what a cliche,) but its somehow different.
Ryan Gosling plays a pretty unsuccessful yet optimistic house-mover who catches a glimpse of Michelle Williams, an aspiring doctor, who is visiting her Grandma next door. As if automatically, Ryan is in love. He somehow manages to coax his way into her life and as the film goes back and forth in time you see how they got to the point where they are at now from the very beginning when they first met. 
Both of these films spoke to me.

I am loving my new found taste in film, it is 'real.' I enjoy it because it is not all glitz and glam. Its believable. Its reality.

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