Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Let The Words Flow From Your Pen Like A River Of Ink...

As you would already know if you are one of my presumably many devoted readers, I have not been in the happiest state of mind recently.

Yesterday, after brewing myself a cup of sweet, delicious tea I sipped away at it patiently, while waiting for the stormy day to draw to a close. Surprisingly the tea perked me up slightly. I could feel my creativity slowly wading out of the darkness that I had stuffed it into for so long.
That tea was like happiness in a cup.

Out of nowhere I found some inspiration to get some 'good' writing done. At last!

After being banished from the kitchen for trying to help chop up some garlic and chilli's - I retreated to the lounge where I let the words flow from my pen like a river of ink.

I cannot spill the beans about what I wrote about just yet... but I definitely think that there is another book in the making somewhere deep down inside of me.

Have a beautiful day, dear readers.

Love always,

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