Thursday, January 26, 2012

Everything has a meaning.. go and find it.

I realized today that I take my writing far too seriously.

I always want what I write to be polished and perfect. I want it to be something worth reading. Only today, after years of trying to shove my way into the writing world, I realized that the majority of what you write should be junk! If every piece of writing in this world was top notch, we wouldn't know the difference. The bad ideas and thoughts you jot down help you to recognize the good from the bad. The bad ideas and thoughts you jot down are also courageous. It takes true bravery to be creative... I bet every canvas that Picaso slicked paint onto wasn't something to mark down in history!

So here is my advice, from a girl in her early twenties, no one famous or worth remembering just yet; but I will be... one day.

Don't be ashamed of the doodles and mind-maps, don't throw away the scribbles and paragraphs you think to be useless. Don't get yourself into a fluster and scrunch your work up. Keep it. One day, it may just be useful.

I believe that you think of everything for a reason. One day, you'll find use for every one of your ideas; no matter how small or insignificant you think they might be.

So, go out there to a quiet spot that you find to be inspirational. For you it may be the shores of a sandy, shell covered beach like me, or it could be the warm, lush forest with blooming summer flowers surrounding you. It could even be in the comforts of your own home... Just go somewhere that you feel most comfortable and jot down ideas no matter how riduculous you believe them to be...
Oh, and have fun!

Love Always,


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