Friday, February 17, 2012

Bohemian Room - Cleaned!

So it took me seven hours - three of which were purely dedicated to untangling my necklaces from one another.
There's still a lot that needs to be done, such as the shower head being tightened and my door replaced, but this is the outcome of my personally designed humble abode.

 I even got creative and put my mothers pottery bowls to use. I am so happy with the vintage outcome of my room, it almost feels completely new.
 I've been carting around a green triple-decker tray in the back on my car for months now and finally got some space open to put it to use. Lauren Conrad (my fashion guru) has her Style book lying on the top, the middle is filled by my novel, 'Walk With Me,' which I recently sent off to Penguin Publishing and I'm waiting for feedback as patiently as possible! The bottom holds my red box filled to the brim with nail polish, filers, clippers and other sorts of nail care products that I can't even put names to.

So that's it!
Finally got some time to declutterize my room.
Cleaning is something I find to be very therapeutic. It really did help. I'm not sure what it helped with exactly... my minds been pretty clogged recently with my relationship taking sharp turns when I least expected it, my new job at the spa which is going great by the way and just life in general! It helped
to clear my mind for seven hours. I had something else to focus on. Those seven hours were my very own kind of productive meditation.

I have noticed now that a clean room definitely helps clean the cobwebs from your soul too. I feel revitalised and fresh...
Clean room - happy me!
Time to put my feet up.

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