Thursday, February 16, 2012

Operation Declutter

I have decided that I need to spend my off day tomorrow organizing my chaotic room.

I always see these gorgeous boho, vintage rooms and I am so envious of them all. 

 My room is so cluttered along with what looks like sixty necklaces tangled into each other, a pile of disorganized shoes, a broken cupboard, paintings discarded on my wooden floorboards against my maroon walls while I wait for hooks to magically appear. A hole through my door, my door that doesn't close unless I place my stool in front of it I might add... A shower head that is in dire need of a good tightening... need I go on?

Somehow I made it work up until this point however. Now I have just had enough.

And yes... those are chilli seeds on my window sill. Don't ask.

I have mountains of clothes that I will never wear again, about three hair-dryers, two God-like GHD's and more cobwebs than I can actually count.

My room is in desperate need of some spring cleaning!
I swear - next time I find a penny on my floor I'll start believing my poor room is starting to pay me to clean it! It is that bad.

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