Friday, February 17, 2012

What to pack when Camping

Does any woman really ever know what to pack for a night of roughing it in the wild?

Tonight I'm camping, which before you get me wrong, I love. 
I just thought it would be a great idea to show you women in dilemma, exactly what you should pack for your night in a pitched tent.

The first things I think about, long before clothing or even the tent is marshmellows, hot chocolate and my trusty whistle kettle.

When I was young, roasting marshmellows around a campfire in the gardens of Manchester was one of my favourite past times. Tonight I will relive those memories.

Toiletries.. what exactly do you need to pack when there is no sink or shower? No toilet????
First, pack toilet paper. Pack in it first to make sure you don't forget it. Drip drying is not comfortable or hygienic. 

Wearing makeup in the great outdoors isn't necessary. Though I know some of you just won't be seen without it, I myself feel naked without at least a coat of base on just to cover up a few freckles and dark circles from those late nights writing away...
So pack some makeup wipes just to be safe. Plus, I love using them nightly even if I don't have makeup on. Its refreshing.
Pack your face cream, it'll make you happier. I promise.
Panado or your own personal choice in pain killers. You never know what could be awaiting you in those woods; whether it be a deadly hangover or a nasty scrape against a tree. 

Toothpaste and toothbrush and even floss if you have it. Pack a bottle of water specifically for rinsing your mouth out after a good scrubbing. 

This camping trip for me is a romantic, belated Valentines. So I have packed the saucy, steamy game of Monogamy. Use your imagination...
Alternatively I have also packed some cards.

A hoodie, for those cold breezy evenings while the men get to work on making a crackling campfire.. ahh those good old primal male instincts. 

A hat.. you cannot be out in the sun without a hat for sun protecting purposes of course.. and its never too laid-back to bring some style into the picture!

Pajama's.. my choice would be sweat pants and a t-shirt but whatever floats your boat.

Black tights and an oversized t-shirt. Ugg Boots. Ear Muffs. Leg Warmers. A Cardigan. Clean knickers. A bikini (ok, sorry for you in the UK but here in SA we are blessed with fresh water rivers. Skinny dipping is also a very inviting alternative for those daring darling...)

Peaceful sleep to keep away those damn mozzies. 
A torch with spare batteries. A head lamp... just because I enjoy seeing my man wear it while braaing, it makes me happy.

Other little goodies: A book, a notepad and pen, your camera (a must!), how else will you capture all the magical memories?

How could I have forgotten!!! The tent, mattress, sleeping bag, pillows, towels.... guess I got slightly carried away with the other things... such a girl.

 And now for the big questions... what to eat and drink?

My partner rang me bright and early this morning asking what I felt like drinking this evening. Although the answer will probably always be Hunters Dry, my signature cider, I couldn't even think about it. I was still in waking up mode.
What does one normally drink when camping?
In good old England it would probably be OBS, but here I guess normal beer and cider will do.

Braai / Barbeque... my favourite being chicken drumsticks. I also love junk food with a passion, crisps of any flavour in general.


I hope my little article on camping managed to help you out a bit! 

Happy Camping!

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