Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Passion For Art

For weeks now I've had this incredible urge to paint on the dust covered canvas that has been lingering in my hallway since my school days.

Yesterday, not being able to take it anymore, I marched to Deckle Edge in Knysna and found myself right at home in the depths of the store.
It amazed me just how comfortable I felt in there, in a way I'd only ever felt comfortable in a library. Some part of me had been crying out to paint for so long; I think that for a while I blocked out my potential creativity.
I've always been so hellbent on writing that I never had time to do anything else... I'm so glad that I finally did because this was my outcome:

I realize that this isn't the most amazing painting in the world and chances of someone actually desiring to hang it in their house is slim... but painting, I've come to realize, is very therapeutic.
As my great quote about this blog goes: "My blog is not about being read, it is about being written." The same applies for my painting.
And, just in my defense, this is the first time I have painted in well over four years and this particular one of a Pitbull took me roughly four hours to draw from scratch, paint and complete.

Upon getting paid this month I will definitely be adding a few bits and bobs to my scarce little art collection, including the most gorgeous little easel that I discovered in Deckle Edge for just R190.00

Anyway, its 05h30 in the morning and I'm as sick as a dog... hmm, how ironic.
Best be off to work.

Happy Tuesday faithful bloggers.

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