Friday, May 11, 2012

Its all peaches and cream in the end

Today is my twenty-first birthday party - honestly, I thought I'd be a lot more highly strung than I am but the nerves seem to have finally said goodbye.

So far this has been my day:

I woke up with my 4h30am alarm that I stupidly forgot to switch off as I'm off duty for the weekend.. after a few restless turns I finally dozed back off until Shaun had to get up for work.
Slowly I kicked myself out of bed and plodded sleepily into the kitchen to brew up a cup of coffee.
I go started on washing and packing away the dishes, then moved on to clean the undeniably disgusting litter box. I folded up our clothing and put them back into the cupboards and then finally dunked myself into the bath to freshen up.
Once I'd changed into a dark orange high waisted skirt and an old Pick n'Pay vest I wondered off into the town to try to find heels for this evening.

Let me just say this once - mother's are a lifesaver. Well, mine is.
I met up with her in town and together we trudged the stores flat with no success. Eventually we found our way into Memories, a beautiful little dimlit shop selling the most amazing vintage items; and there, beneath piles of shoes in all shapes, colours and sizes, was my destiny.
Not only are they Guess... they are peep-toe style (something I've been after for months) and are gold with black sequences striping down them.
Above all, they are so comfortable!!!

I've been slightly down about my hair turning ginger... which was my own fault really. I'd tried to turn blonde again as I've been dying to do it for a while. Alas, Loreal Paris box dye prevented this and I have now turned into a mixture of platinum blonde and ginger.
Every time I look into the mirror I get a fright... but I'm going to have to get used to it because my hairs far too damaged to do anymore chemical processing for a while.

So the big night has finally arrived. Now I am back in my old home, snuggled up with my sausage dog waiting for the hours to tick  by.
I have a massage booked in for 3pm which I'm very excited about and after that my hair is getting styled and I'll be fiddling around with makeup and my outfit!

I have planned a big black tie, cocktail party up at Pezula Hotel. There will be flair bartending, fire breathers, a jazzy / blues band and more. 

Sorry that I've been so  quiet.
Living away from my folks has both its advantages and disadvantages.
For instance, there's no DSTV or internet now (we don't even have a computer since mine finally completely packed in and buggered off to technical heaven,) but I write things down on pen and paper much more now which is actually a lovely change.
So the blog posts are a little few and far between but I'll get better at it eventually.

To those of you that are not coming to celebrate my "coming of age" tonight, enjoy the weekend! And for the rest of you, get ready! Its going to be an amazing night! See you there x

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