Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Online Portfolio of Writing

A good friend of mine, Michael Lockett, told me a few weeks ago that my blog is basically my online portfolio. This might sound silly, but I've never really thought about it like that before. 

Of course the dream would be to get thousands of followers worldwide, but I never really thought my blog would hit it off. Yet I wrote anyway. 

A passion is a passion. 

I don't need followers to make me carry on. Just seeing my work out there, exposed, open... that's enough. Its satisfaction.

You'd be surprised how many people have actually contacted me though!
I get people talking to me daily, telling me how much they enjoy it... people that I don't even know! 
At first, I think that is is just out of politeness, but then they start reciting MY words!! And it makes me feel so special.
 That to me is the definition of a, 'warm and fuzzy' feeling. 

Suddenly I have so much inspiration to write. 
It is so motivating to know people really are reading my stuff... even though most of it is just random / pointless / rushed entries. 

My real talent can be found buried in the pages of my novels. 

I recently finished my first novel entitled, 'Walk With Me.'
The title is quite a personal story-teller in itself as only after I decided upon that title, my mother told me that it is similar to the title my late Grandfather wanted to use for his book. 

I sent my book of to a Penguin writing competition in the hopes of getting published but unfortunately I was short + - 100 words and was disqualified. 

Ivor Vegter, a very talented columnist from Holland has offered to read through it and give me constructive criticism and ideas to play around with. 
I think that we are both slightly nervous as from his side, chick-lit isn't exactly his thing.  
Let's just say that I am bracing myself for the worst; but of course being a person with a passion for the written word, you need to appreciate writing from every aspect and angle. 

I had a dream a few months back - actually more of a flashing image now that I think about it...
It was of a pink suitcase. 

For a while now, my feet have been itching to travel... to experience something new. 

I am craving a new culture, the refreshing spicy breeze of somewhere exotic.
I'm yearning to hear a different language and watch a new sunset over unfamiliar hills.

I couldn't help but think that the flash that I had was somewhat symbolic. 

Before I knew it, my mind had run away with me and I'd established an entire storyline in a matter of seconds. 
 And so I got to work, mind-mapping, doing character-analysis' and scribbling chapters away in my little notebook. 

I am very excited to get this next novel out there. 
I will be taking the plunge and sending 'Walk With Me,' off to Penguin Publishing after a serious amount of mind-numbing editing. 
I know that it is going to be months before getting any sort of feedback but instead of sitting back and chewing my nails down to the cuticles, I am going to plunder on with my next piece. 

To anyone else out there with the same desires and dreams as me, best of luck!
I know exactly how difficult it is. 
Do not let it drain you. 
When you're ready, it will happen.