Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dreams of Waves and Car Crashes

I believe dreams carry insightful messages that we either choose to acknowledge or we don't.

Since I have moved into this quaint apartment made of bricks, I seem to be remembering at least three dreams I have every night. 
At untold hours I wake from my dreams, sometimes laughing - someone told me that this is a sign of positive energy floating around.
A few nights ago though, I had my first worrisome dream, better known as a nightmare. 

It started out as most had lately, happy.

Shaun and I were driving down a sandy pathway on our way to the beach in my little blue Micra. Shaun was behind the wheel, I being the passenger. 
Something that stood out to me in this dream was that there was no sound. 
It was a gorgeously sunny day with sweltering temperatures, a lucrative day for us to be heading to the ocean.
Through the sunlight I smiled at Shaun, shielding my eyes. He smiled back - and that moment seemed to last a lifetime. 
They say dreams take a matter of seconds, but that moment where we looked into each others eyes lasted hours. 
I took in every detail in that moment, the leather on the sides of the car and how it glistened in the light, the twinkle in Shaun's green eyes as we connected into our romantic gaze, even every follicle of hair on his rugged jawline stood out to me as beautiful. 
I can't describe the overall feeling of complete calmness and happiness I emitted in that moment. 

We turned our heads in unison, as if in slow motion. 

Our hearts plummeted as we saw what was in front of us, I could feel it in my sleep, jolting me back into reality. 
I didn't understand. 
A wave - a tidal wave - had risen up from the center of the sand, far off from the actual ocean, which was still quite a drive away. 
We looked at each other in horror, almost a look that clarified that this was actually happening. 
This look was equal to an entire conversation between us - our eyes spoke with one another and without parting his lips I knew what he wanted to do in this situation. I gave him a tremulous nod and squeezed the sides of my cushioned seat as hard as I could - I am almost certain I squeezed the side of the mattress at this point. 
It all felt too vivid.
At this, he put his foot flat on the accelerator and we flew forwards towards the wave. 
We had realized it was either this, or the wave crashed onto us. 
As the wave approached us, we both closed our eyes and turned our heads, unable to watch. 
To our surprise, our car used the vivacious white foam of the wave as a ramp and we flew over the wave, falling from a great height. 
As we flew through the air, eyes still tightly shut, there were only two things going through my head. 
The first was how much I wished I had put my seat-belt on that day. It was too late now. My body was frozen. 
The second was this: 'My car is going to be f!#@cked.....'

And so I asked myself, is that really what would go through my head in my last moments?

I opened my eyes and all I saw was the blueness of the ocean just seconds before our car collided into it. 

That is when I woke up. 


In dreams, water symbolize our emotions. 
So in that sense, dreaming of a wave signifies our emotions welling up or losing control. 

To see a wave forming and building up in front of you gives you the chance to see the immensity of what you feel outside of yourself. 
Tidal waves especially give you the opportunity to dive into your subconscious and be at one with yourself.

A few reasons to dream of a wave are as follows:
  • Your life is undergoing a substantial amount of change, internally or externally.
  • You're avoiding a certain situation in your life, (this signifies that eventually the situation will confront you, hence the wave blocking your path).
A few reasons to dream of a car crash are:
  • A car crash often symbolizes your beliefs clashing with someone else's. 
  • A forewarning of your reckless driving habits.
  • You could be experiencing some anxiety. 
To dream of someone else driving the vehicle often means that you are at a loss of control. 

To dream about a sea accident when you do not plan to travel across water is an omen having to do with love affairs. 

Falling dreams have become fairly common over the past few decades and usually occur during the first stages of sleep.
While writing upon this matter, I would just like to clarify once and for all that NO you will not die if you do not wake up before hitting the ground during your fall.

Falling dreams can signify a few self-explanatory things:

  • Anxiety
  • Self-security issues
  • Overwhelming situations at home or at work.. or both. 
  • Falling also indicates your feelings of failure or shame. 
One very interesting theory is the Freudian theory, which states that a falling dream is a contemplation of giving into a sexual urge. 

...Sweet dreams...

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