Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pedicure Peel - A luxury spa treatment

I wrote the following review at the beginning of July, after royally mucking up at work.

My boss was doing this observation weekend at the hotel, experiencing each sector of the hotel as a guest would.
As always, my luck proceeded me as I was the Front Desk Co-Coordinator or duty when my boss inquired about treatments. 
I nailed the question regarding our promotion for the month, (using Bellabaci suction cups in a massage) I could tell by the tone of her voice that she was impressed. 
I had gone the extra mile to find facts out about how the suction cups work and why they are so beneficial. Best of all I felt so good about myself for working hard on it!
I think that I had been so wrapped up and focused on Bellabaci that when she turned to conversation over to one of our normal treatments, a Pedicure Peel, that I went blank. 
It really doesn't help that I was already a muddle of nerves, trying to impress her, so I began to stutter and stammer down the phone. 
I managed to choke out that it was a treatment that removes the dead skin from the SOLES of the feet. 
By this time it was too late. 
Alas - me being me, I continued to talk, like projectile vomiting... and obviously this only made things worse. 
I spat out 'oh-so-assuringly' that this treatment was 'painless' and 'really good'.
 I mean really!?
By this time her entire voice had changed and I could tell that I had disappointed her. 
Deep down I knew what the treatment was but I was caught so off-guard that I failed the test. I wanted to throw myself off of a bridge into a river of self-pity. 
Chewing my nails down to the skin, I wondered how I could win back her impression of be as a 'good' employee. 
And then - magically, it came to me. 
I booked myself in for the pedi peel, regardless of cost or the fact that I have NO dead skin to be removed. 

I asked the therapist to take me through it while I made an abundant supply of mental notes. 
If I was going to sell something - I'd have to know what the hell I was talking about!!!

I walked out of that therapy area after 45minutes on silky soft, heavenly feet, feeling much more knowledgeable about the treatment. 

To top this off, I also wrote a review on  my experience and emailed it through to her. 
She was so proud that I had taken the initiative to learn and better myself. 

Below is my review on the pedicure peel that I had on the 01st July 2012:

Your treatment begins by lying on the massage bed in your own private therapy room. Each room had its own unique design and atmosphere. 

A heated blanket placed under the sheets is on, waiting to flood you with inviting warmth. 
The therapist will cover you in blankets, exposing just the feet. A rolled up towel is placed beneath your knees to position your legs correctly and comfortably. 

A fruit acid peel is applied to the hard callous skin with cotton strips and cling wrapped around the feet to set for 20-30minutes. 
While the fruit acid is setting, your therapist will get to work on pushing back the cuticles and reshaping the nails as the time goes by.

After 20-30minutes, a wooden spatula is used to scrape off the dead skin that has turned into a gooey gel. 
A foot file is then used to even the skin out, for me this can be a rather ticklish sensation and I had to warn my therapist to watch out for my flying legs, something she found to be hilarious!

To finish off, the therapist will wash the peel off in a wooden bowl of luke warm water, using exfoliating salts which neutralizes the peel.
A moisturizing cream is applied as she gently massages your feet with soothing hands. 

 Your feet literally do not know what has hit them! They feel fresh, clean, new, hygienic and revitalized. 

At Pezula Spa & Gym, the treatment costs R150.00 (a complimentary beverage is included plus a 15min lie down on our heated massage waterbeds in the post-treatment room). On top of all of this luxury, the hot zone area which includes the 12m heated swimming pool, the sauna and steam rooms and the rain water showers are at your disposal for the remainder of the day!  


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