Sunday, August 26, 2012

RegimA Facial Peel

Working in a spa can be a lot of fun – one reason being that when the therapists need to train, guess who the guinea pigs are?
From massages to facials, nails to mud wraps… you name.

I arrived at work one morning after working at least ten full minutes solely on my makeup.
I believe that your face is your canvas each morning.
If you feel like being natural for the day then that’s great too, but if you’re feeling the creativity surging through your veins then at least make an effort to be proud of your presentation.
Play around.
Get messy.
And have fun!
You only live once – so why not explore what is right in front of you!?   

As I walked into the office I was told that I was having a facial.
Usually I would have been thrilled, but I’d lost precious time under the covers that morning to slap on a face.  
I’d experimented with new purple eye shadows’ I’d received as a gift and I really liked what I’d come up with.
Either way – I wasn’t going to say no!

I was slightly nervous about having the RegimA facial peel done, only because I’d heard it makes you break out and leaves your skin extremely dry and uncomfortable.
Today, I will explain this peel to you from first-hand experience and answer all the queries you have.


Firstly you might be wondering why would you want a facial peel? What are the benefits of a facial peel?

The RegimA Facial Peel is basically an intense exfoliation which leaves you glowing and radiant. It promises dramatic, instant results.  

Recommended for all skin conditions excluding hyper-sensitive skin and people who suffer from eczema.
This treatment is also great for someone who does not have time for a full two hour Anti-Aging facial.

The facial starts with a cleanse, using the milky cleanser for dry / aging skin and the gel cleanser for normal to oily.

The therapist will first apply a post-laser gel around the crevices of your face, around your nose and lips as well as under the eyes.
This is done as these areas tend to be more sensitive than others and so it acts as a protection barrier.

The fruit acid peel is made of a combination of things: Sugar Cane, Citric Acid and Malic Acid to name only a few.

The therapist applies this see-through liquid to the face, spreading it over the décolleté a few minutes later.

The post laser gel is then applied completely over the peel; this will not affect the strength of the peel at all, it basically numbs the skin slightly to dull the tingle-sensation you will experience. 

This treatment is time dependent.
Your therapist will work accordingly to your skins reaction to the peel, watching the redness appear as she constantly massages it in throughout the course of the treatment.
Usually you find that the areas that redden first are the cheeks, under the eyes, the chin and the forehead.

When the therapist has decided the peel has been on for long enough, she will start the cleansing process.
The skin is cleansed at least three to four times to ensure that there is no debris of the peel left on the skin.

As RegimA is a ‘layering’ brand, a series of serums and creams are applied to hydrate and moisturize the skin once the cleansing is complete.
One such cream is the Sun Pro, this is the last cream applied in the sequence as you need to have sun protection after a peel.  

For two-three hours after the peel your skin will appear slightly pink.

It is advised that you do not wash your face that night as the creams applied contain so many ingredients that are highly beneficial after an exfoliation. 
You'll also be surprised by how quickly your skin drinks up and absorbs all the lotions you layer on!
The following day you can go back to your normal routine of moisturizing but be aware that for about three days your skin is going to feel dry and tight.

After the treatment, your therapist will most likely recommend one cream to you for home use as an aftercare product. 

Ideally, one should have a RegimA facial peel once every two weeks – but hey, who can really afford such luxury!? ;)
I hope this information helped you get a better understanding of the RegimA facial peel ladies and gents!

Until next time,



  1. Hi Jade! My name is Alisa, and I'm from Johannesburg South Africa. I've been searching for some time for something that will help with my pigmentation from my bad habits of picking (I know, I know... I really have stopped now... But the evidence of it is still there). Did you find that the peel worked? And if I don't do it every two weeks, will I not see a benefit? Also, will my skin break out badly after as well? Hope to hear from you soon! And thanks for such a great blog!

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