Monday, September 3, 2012

August Favourites

I can hardly believe it is sky-rocketing through September already!
You know what that means right? 112 days ‘til Christmas – but hey, whose counting!?

As a memoir to August I have decided to do a photo journal with the highlights of last month… Enjoy!

Getting an early morning cuppa’ from the petrol station and finding a little message scribbled on the lid. What better way to start the day!?

Watching the sunrise over the beautiful, majestic Indian ocean.

I took part in the 2012 Ross Taylor Surf Contest with my Jellybean surfboard. Admittedly a bunch of seven year olds kicked my butt, but it was fun nonetheless. 
Sophie-Lee Madison Evans was welcomed to the world on the 9th Aug 2012:

Chad Le Clos won the gold in the Swimming Olympics and non of us could have been more proud. This may have happened at the end of July but I think everybody stayed out partying until August rolled in!

Things got pretty colorful in the kitchen when I threw together this delicious health recipe. Salad for supper? Sounds dull - but I paired this with a tuna mayo mix and fish cakes. It went down a treat!

I got crafty with some pebbles stolen from my parents driveway. This is a really cute home décor idea to fill up those unwanted, empty spaces. They also make really great gifts! From door-stoppers, book weights, unique letters to purely decorative; you can't go wrong.

 Last but not least... I moved back in with my folks for a while. 
Mom's cooking, crackling fireplace and family nights in the lounge... I had forgotten how good it felt. Make time for your family if you no longer live with them - you don't realize how much you really miss them.

What were you favourite memories from August? 

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