Friday, September 7, 2012

How to Handle Negative Feedback

After getting some pretty negative feedback from my previous blog post on home décor and what I had hoped to literally be just a humorous comment about a 'good cause,' I realize that my response was pretty immature. 

I guess I was just irritated with people leaving comments as if they know me and my intentions when they really don't. 

Last night I had some pretty bad news come through about someone very dear to me so when I opened up my blog to see a remark that would have been a valid point if my intentions were to go and indulge in spaghetti and wine in Italy.. but they aren't - I overreacted.  

After taking the night to think things through (and after posting spur-of-the-moment snappy comebacks out of anger) it got me thinking about celebrities and what they must go through each day of their lives. 

So many people flock over the latest celebrity gossip (most of which is entirely misinterpreted such as my previous post was!)

They wake up each morning being a subject of scrutiny. 
They can barely open their front door without people waiting to pick them apart. 
How did they learn to deal with scrutiny so vicious?
I'm sure by now they have learnt to take things with a pinch of salt but still, it must be tough on them. 

I got so irritated by someone last night not for their comment on my blog - but for thinking that they knew me and what I was going to Italy to do. 

My plan - upon being published, is to spend my days helping underprivileged children, supporting welfares and charities and talking to people in rehab centres. 
I want to let them talk to me. 
I want them to feel important and realize that their voice and opinion matters - then I realized that your opinions matters too. 
Good or bad - comment on my blog with whatever you like. 
I can't control what you feel and nor do I want to. 

Yes this blog is going to have typos and spelling errors. 
It is not going to be perfect. 
When I am a published writer I will have an editor to help me with that sort of thing. 
So don't come here expecting top notch posts - I'm only human. 

Yes, I would prefer it if you don't leave nasty comments and respect my page. 
If you really have nothing better to do than dampen someone's day over something as minor as a funny comment or spelling mistake then I honestly feel sorry for you.

Opening my blog up each day and seeing my page slowly blooming, growing and getting more comments is the most incredible feeling. 
I know these posts aren't all exactly life-changing but I work hard on them. 

My blog has a little bit of everything in it from movie reviews, recipes, fashion and beauty posts, home décor ideas... you name it, you'll find it here. 
Most importantly, I love doing it. 
I love documenting. 
I love creating. 
I love sharing. 

I want you to enjoy this blog and learn from it - and it appears that I learn too. 

It was a learning process to realize that you will always have haters'. 
You will always have that one cocky person that has nothing better to do in life than scrutinize your work - you just need to learn how to handle negative feedback. 
Show them you are better than them. 

Good luck and have a blessed weekend all. 


  1. that was well put! I don't understand how some people can go to someones blog, read it and write negatively about it. Why do they even bother? Doesn't make sense. But thank god you can block people!! lol

  2. Great post!
    Remember people who intentionally reach out to tell you something negative about youself are really depressed and unsatified with their own lives!Think about it happy people just don't go around spreading negative crap, you have to feel sorry for them really ha xx


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