Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Upside Down French Plait

Pintrest has had me dizzy with all of these amazing hairstyles lately - but my hair is at that awkward stage where it isn't quite labelled short or long. It's sort of in between and when it's at that length, it's pretty difficult to do pretty much anything! 

I can't get my dried out, bleached blonde locks into an impressive ballerina bun or have it flowing down my back like some of the pictures I've provided.
I can't do braids across my head like a Greek Goddess or even have it in a sleek ponytail. 
Yes, I could get extentions and clip-ins if I wanted to - but it defeats the purpose. I want it to be my hair!

I am about to start a three month course of a Thalgo product called Ocea' Perfect, which helps to strengthen hair and nails and also helps them to grow. 

So, with any luck in three months time you'll see a post up with me showing off my new and improved hair!

But for now, this is the best 'unique' style that I could muster up. 
It is literally just an upside down French plait:

Cool hey?

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