Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Maintain Blonde Hair

I highly doubt that I should be giving advice on how to maintain blonde hair... so for the record please note that this is from someone who has been every different shade under the sun. 
I have chopped all of my hair off, grown it down to my hips, I have streaked it and feathered it and curled it... It's no where near the healthiest hair you've ever seen, yet I still get asked how my hair is coping with all of my experiments. 

Firstly, I dyed my hair platinum blonde for the second time in early May this year. 
It took a painful amount of time to look the way that it does today, in fact I was a glorified ginger for my twenty-first birthday party. Not one one my proudest moments...
My twenty-first birthday.

Since May, I have been using the Super Strong Paul Mitchell range to try and revitalize my poor hair. 
Every time I brush it it disintegrates. 
I really should go for regular trims but the first time I did that the hair dresser chopped off way too much and I nearly had a heart attack.
The Paul Mitchell range also offers a great Hair Treatment product which I leave in for about five minutes which really helps to hydrate it. 

Earlier this year I also decided to take surfing back on after I had quite a scare when a wave churned me around to the extent that I had no idea which way was up or down. I was under for about two minutes and it took me a while to paddle back out again. 
Now, this is pretty common knowledge but salt water and blonde hair don't exactly mix. My hair started showing a hint of green, more so from swimming pools than the ocean I think but even so, I went to a local pharmacy to find something to help.
Overtime, blonde hair also has the tendency to turn brassy / coppery and yellow so I opted for some purple shampoo to help with this dilemma.  

The coppery tint.

I found a product called Bleach Blondes Shampoo by Lee Stafford. It was purple, which is what I was looking for.... so I bought it along with the conditioner. 
I wasn't expecting much from an off-the-shelf product, working in a spa I guess I've become a bit snooty with products!
After lathering in the purple liquid, extremely thin and runny, I rinsed and used some of the lilac colored conditioner. 
I then blow-dried and straightened, using my Tresemme Heat Protection Spray. 
That night I went out and nearly every person asked me if I had redone my hair, telling me it looked so much lighter! 
I use my Lee Stafford products once a week now and every week I get the same feedback! 
I am extremely happy with Lee Stafford's products and the instant results. 
As my hair is naturally dark, my roots are impossible. 
I always thought that my hair grew insanely slow but after being a long-haired blonde this time around, I have discovered quite the opposite. 

Since May I have only done my roots twice. 
Once, I got lucky and we had a hair stylist come in for an interview and I was the test-dummy. 
I'm not sure how this girl did it, but she turned me into an ash blonde, almost white! At first I nearly cried. I hated it... but eventually I got used to it and it actually reminded me and all of my friends of Kahleesi from Game of Thrones. A few friends even started to call me that which I was quite chuffed with!
The yellowy tones came back to haunt me though, as did the roots... eventually I went to a hair salon in town and as hard as they tried, they couldn't get my roots anything lighter than ginger. 
Mortified, I have had to deal with it. 
It is so expensive and as a girl saving up to get her ass to Italy and see the world... I would rather be stuck with a head of hair that looks like a terrorist has attacked it. 

A night out after using Bleach Blondes Shampoo by Lee Stafford. Hiding my roots with a bit of a fridge flip.

You HAVE to find the right person to do your hair if you are going to be a platinum blonde, I cannot stress this enough. 
Do your research, ask them questions... don't worry about insulting them. This is your hair and your appearance at the end of the day. 

Good luck fellow blondies!

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