Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lessons to Learn from God

Something happened in my life recently, something that brought me a lot closer to God than I ever thought possible.
For days I was glowing - with a cheshire cat grin and an illuminated soul.
Becoming connected with God was a life-changing transformation, something I had been yearning for for years but I never had the courage to pursue it.
It is an intimidating path and personally I have many self-issues about my past . . . my wrong-doings and my faults. Those things continuously kept me away from forming that relationship.
I always had this voice plaguing me in my head, telling me that I wasn't good enough, that God would never forgive me.
At this stage in my life, I was surrounded by religious, faithful people who constantly kept sending me cryptic, uplifting messages. Not only Christians but people from all sorts of different backgrounds.
One person stood out from all others' though.
This person gave me strength, courage, pride and dignity.
He told me inspiring stories and helped me so much so to the point of actually meeting God.

Meeting God, for me, was more of an overwhelming, dizzied feeling rather than an actual handshake.
I had been on my bedroom floor, in an absolute state, crying. This person told me to just sit, breathe, close my eyes and think of God and him. He said he would pray while I was doing this.
At first, this brought on more tears, but then suddenly it felt as though this essence, this out-of-world being wrapped me up into the most perplexing security blanket and I felt my head completely clear to the point of dizziness.
It felt, in an arbitrary way like some gentle but strong force was touching my forehead. With that, I wiped my tears, got up and somehow I had gained that extra strength I had needed to get me through the day.
It was by far the most incredible journey in my life so far.

This person couldn't stay in my life though. Not the way I wanted him to.
At this point I felt myself being reminded of a part in the bible where this man gets everything taken away from him.
Satan basically tells God that this man, although faithful, would question God if all was taken away from him.
So God tested him.
The man never questioned God, never faltered in his faith and the man had everything returned to him, but doubled.
I think it is called The Book of Job.
This is the version of the story I heard from word-of mouth. It may not be all the facts but you get the gist.
I'm not saying that every person gets everything back doubled, or even everything back... the point is that I had something I treasured. I had something that meant the absolute world to me and it was taken away. The person that brought me closer to God was gone in that sense.
I may be wrong, but the lesson I think I needed to learn, especially in my circumstance, is that I need to stay true and keep my new found relationship with God as strong as it was... and not question him or his plans.

And I haven't, I won't.

Just an uplifting Saturday message to all you faithful readers'.
Have a blessed day.

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  1. Such a lovely storie Jade!!! Can't wait to read more and more. Love this part especially - "stay true and keep my new found relationship with God as strong as it was... and not question him or his plans." - I can totally relate xx


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