Tuesday, October 23, 2012

More Rambles of a Travel Junkie

Where I work a number of girls have just resigned and gone off on new and exciting ventures.

With that, we have gained a handful of newcomers who are learning the ropes and who are all on their own individual new experience.
I feel like I am standing, super-glued behind the desk, watching as my old friends wave goodbye.

I feel as though I am seeing these new vulnerable faces, nervous and alone as they creep through these unfamiliar darkened hallways, desperately trying to find their bearings.
At least they too are doing something new.

All I want is to see something new.
Travel, if only for just one week.
I want to study something that fascinates me, whether it be cooking or writing, psychology or tourism.
No. I don’t want this. I need this. I can literally feel the aching yearn for it deep within my heart.

To be fair, I learn new things daily at the spa.
But it’s other things, even as simple as discovering what a lobster tastes like as it melts like butter onto your tongue – that has always been a must-do on my list yet I’ve never had the chance.

I’d like to feel the spitting breeze of the ocean as I stand high up on a mountain top, touching my callous ridden palms from learning to fish.
I’d like to go and drink gloriously smooth, fruity wine with an absolute stranger as we teach one another language and cultures.
I want to awake to cracking bones from a rickety backpacker’s bed, a sunken lifeless mattress that I find refuge on and know what it feels like to not have to brush my hair three times a day to keep up appearance.

If I had it my way, I would plan a small one week trip at least once every three months, whether it be overseas or just around the corner to Coffee Bay.
I’d just like to have something that I was working towards, something that made each day exciting. I’d work harder to get to where I was going. I’d have that extra motivation and excitement build-up that lets face it, I need.

Right now, I’ve buried myself into this rut. Some call it small-town-syndrome.
I adore Knysna, I really do. It is a stunning town and I am blessed to live here.

There is such a phenomenal amount of activities in this one place alone that my friends and I do that just wouldn’t be possible if I still lived in Cheshire, UK.

I took Knysna for granted when I was in high school and only realized this upon moving to Liverpool and getting a major wakeup call.

Be true to yourself - no matter what. Not everyone likes the drastic changes I have made in my life recently, but in my heart I know it's exactly where I need to be going.

I’ll never, ever take this place for granted again but my feet are starting to get really itchy.

Just a week.
...It’s all I want…

A week to experience another small slice of this world.

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