Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quote of the Month

Quote of the Day has fast become a popular blog post to work with...
As a new addition to my blog, I have decided to add one post per month containing my favorite quote I have heard in those few weeks. 

This month, I watched a movie called The Vow. It sent chills down my spine and within the first few minutes it became my favorite film since Pride & Prejudice.
A line from that film left me riddled with goosebumps and I just need to share it with you all:

“Life is all about moments of impact and how they changed our lives forever.

A moment of impact proves potential for change. It ripples effects far beyond what we can predict, sending some particles crashing together making them closer than before while sending others spinning off into great ventures.

That’s the thing about moments. You just gotta let the colliding parts go where they may and wait, for the next collision…….”

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