Friday, November 9, 2012

Christmas Wish List

  As Christmas is but a few weeks away, I have decided to write my Wish List post. 

Little kids sit, feet dangling from the wooden chairs around the dining room table at night as they write their letters to Santa Clause as its dawns closer to Christmas Eve. 
I remember one Christmas when I wrote a letter to Santa, asking for Buzz Lightyear and Woody dolls, the characters from Toy Story; and that Christmas it was exactly what I got. 
As kids, it is so easy. When you get older, you seem to want less but the price triples. 

Every year, I like to make sandwiches and buy big packs of wrapped chocolate, I put a care-package together and go around my small town handing the shoe-boxes out to street children and car-guards. 
I’d really love to start up a community for it, a bunch of people who donate old blankets and buy small gifts such as candy and toys to fill the boxes with. It would be incredibly humbling to see people reach out and go beyond their usual Christmas Day of lavish dinners and abundant gifts that lets face it, these street kids will never experience.

As you age, Christmas stops becoming so much about the gifts and more about family. 
I remember being a girl of ten, prodding at gifts with my name on under the tree for days in advance; jumping up and down on my parents Queen sized bed in overwhelming excitement on Christmas morning. 
At the same time though, my favourite part all the way through my life was and still is watching my friends and family unwrap their gifts from me; watching their faces. To me, it was the best feeling in the world, far better than accepting a gift from someone else. 

The reason I am doing this post is because I’d like to start documenting year by year, the wants and the needs and desires I have. I would like to see how the things I desire change as I age. Already, I know a few things I will list below are things I would have never asked for if I was still in school or living with my parents! Things I would have thought my parents would have just gotten for me anyway, things I took completely for granted. Things that should really have been gifts that I should have appreciated but instead overlooked! I’ve had a wakeup call lately, a big one. 
Now, living away from my parents for the first time, buying my own food and paying for my own room and board… my whole lifestyle has had to change! 
Getting something as simple as a foodie magazine or a sweet doesn’t come often to me anymore. 
With that all being said, below is my short and sweet list of wants and needs, non of which I expect from another person. I think of it as an indefinite shopping list:

My Christmas Wish List

1)      The Paula Coehlo Book Set
2)      A Yoga DVD Set
3)      A Ticket to Italy in May (for my birthday)
4)      A New Suitcase (a feminine one – my current one is bland and boring not to mention falling apart)
5)      10 Art Lessons Voucher
6)      10 Yoga Sessions Voucher
7)      A Weekend Away At A Yoga Retreat Somewhere In Africa
8)      A New Duvet Set
9)      A Jane Austen Mug
10)   The Vow DVD
11)   Any Donations Towards My Travel Dreams
12)   And While We’re Out There… A Camper Van Would Be Pretty World Class Too!
13) A Ticket Around The World!
14) Happiness 

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