Monday, November 19, 2012

Quote of the Month

"Life is a wave, catch it"

I read this quote a few months ago and thought that it was beautiful, though only now I realize why. 
Sometimes an opportunity comes into your life and if you don't paddle like mad to catch the ride it's going to take you on, you are going to miss out. 
I also realized that this quote means something entirely different too. 
Waves come and go. They are aggressive, immense, scary and beautiful... 
Sometimes you get dunked. 
Lately, I've paddled out into sets of waves that just keep churning me around under their unworldly strength. Things haven't really been going well and I always feel awful for saying that because compared to others I have it pretty damn good. 
But everyone has issues. Everyone gets overwhelmed with the crap going on in their lives at some point. 
From things with my dad, romance, friends, work, religion... every last thing has pummeled me down into the depths of the sea, far deeper than I have ever been thrown before. 
It's sink or swim; and I am trying really hard to stay afloat.

I'm cheating here by putting in another quote, but I just can't resist:
"Just Keep Swimming." - Dori, Finding Nemo.

So I conclude with this: everyone is going through their own tough time. No matter if you're starving and dirty in the streets of Bombay or otherwise. 
As a wise friend told me just yesterday, 'people adapt'.
So everyone's problems are relevant and important.
You just need to find the courage to find that wave and ride it with the passion and strength you know you have inside of you. 

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