Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Projects Abroad - Volunteer work in Fiji and Hawaii

 A few nights ago I was lying on my bed sipping on a full mug of frothy hot chocolate, listening to the thunder rumble and the rain bucket down from the sky above while flipping through the Spring edition of a Travel magazine.
That's I stumbled across something that I was least expecting; something that hadn't even entered my mind as an opportunity before:
Volunteer work overseas.
Hawaii and Fiji are looking for anyone - from surfers to waitresses, teachers to health carers. They need people to help disadvantaged children; to teach these kids the joys and wonders of the life we get handed on a platter.
Whether you're a pro surfer or still have your training wheels on, you could teach these kids how to swim, surf, play... Live!
The cause is almost too beautiful and I have no idea how I had not thought of this before. I guess the fact that I've never had much time or money to play with blinded me from such ideas but now that I have a small sum saved up and a little business that is slowly blooming more things are becoming available to me.
Opportunities range from just a two week visit to indefinite months where you could really make an impact on these villagers lives.  
The great thing is that no experience is needed and what you contribute will look fantastic on your CV. If your goal is to teach then spend a few months with the village kids and get incredible first-hand experience.
As it is volunteer work obviously there is no salary involved, so you have to work towards doing something like this.
You can't just decide you're going to go.
The Hawaai cause that I am interested in getting involved in costs about R17'000.00.
Once I get my Salvage store up and running properly with clothing / accessory donations from friends and family and I start making more of a profit I will save that up quite quickly I reckon.
You have to save up and be prepared for something like this.
The projects include your accommodation, food, social activities, insurance and so much more and prices really aren't that bad.
Teaching children in Hawaii how to swim and how to surf indefinitely is right at the top of my bucket list.
Once I return from my trip to Italy this will be my next goal to work towards. Then Chille. Then India. Then Bali. Then...... I could go on!
I heard a little something the other day that made me smile and reminded me of myself:
She's So Jetset.
This would be the opportunity of a lifetime for any of us and I urge as many of you as possible to get involved in such a worthy, fulfilling cause.
Link to the website below to get more details:

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