Monday, December 3, 2012

Secret Santa Christmas Present Ideas

Do you celebrate Christmas in your working environment too?

At the spa, I was in charge of forming a Secret Santa game for all of the ladies. 
I put all of our names into a packet and we each had to pick one of the folded up notes, whoever we got was who we had to buy one gift per week for. 
We had a limit of R100.00, so roughly R25.00 per gift per week (about three pounds more or less...)

The first week has just passed and my first gift that I received was so special that I really did have to do a post on it and I have no doubt that many of you would love to do this for your Secret Santa too.

I got an A4 sheet of paper with my name definition (in itself this is already beautifully personalized and something that someone obviously took time on,) I also got a Jade stone in the shape of a heart and stapled to the paper I got a scrumptious pack of Ferrero Rocher! 

Something so simple can mean so much to a person.

The chocolates were divine and the stone was beautiful but my favorite part of this whole gift was the name definition.
It was unique, personalized, thoughtful and made me feel special. 
Whoever my secret santa is didn't just go to the store and grab a slab of chocolate and stick a bow on top... they took time to make it something that I'll always remember. 

Good luck with your gift ideas! 
Share some if you can as I have no idea how I'm going to beat this beautiful present!

Happy Holidays!

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