Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day Two

Day 2 of residing back with the family:
A certain calmness has washed over me compared to last night. 
The first day of the year was a bundle of sickened nerves, heartbreak and anger combined into this big shaken up cocktail of emotions. 
Today I have woken and the sickened nerves have been vanquished thanks to my adoring father who just stretches his arms wide open every time we bump into each other in the passageway. 
The anger and the heartbreak are still present, but its true what they say: The first day is always the worst.  

The worst is now over and the important thing is that I have taken that gigantic first step forwards and I have begun the process of beginning my new chapter, my new life. 

My dad made us all a proper English breakfast this morning while I began to temporarily pack away my 74kg's of clothing (as my dad likes to put it,) into cupboards. I say temporarily because the house that I spent my youth in has now been sold and my parents have bought a new place just a little bit further up town. We will all be beginning this fresh start together within the following month and so on that note, none of this could really have happened at a better time. 
I get a brand new house, a new bedroom to make new and improved memories in... the whole idea seems somewhat too refreshing to me. 
Things are already looking up. 

I'm sure not all days will be quite as positive as today seems to be but the fact that I'm trying says it all. I even had my first laugh of 2013 this morning! 

I'll carry on keeping you all updated on the situation. 
Thank you to all who have shown me an abundant amount of support throughout this whole ordeal. 

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