Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hair by Elaine of London ~ My Appointment

My appointment at Hair by Elaine of London went amazingly. I ended up arriving half an hour early for my treatment due to my meeting with the bank going pear-shaped (when does it not?). However this was no hassle for the ladies that assisted me. They sat me down and tipped my head back to begin with the wash  and let me just point out here that I am an absolute sucker for scalp massages! Little did I know that I had been seated in an actual massage chair that massaged my whole back throughout the whole wash. What a pleasant surprise!
Thereafter, I was taken to the big scary black chair facing the mirrors of the salon and I squeaked out that I really didn't want them to take too much of my length off as I've been trying to grow it for years! I have tried everything from supplements to sceptical home mix treatments - but the process of getting my hair longer has been painfully slow!
I also showed them photographs of Jessica Biel's fringe and that's when they set to work. When it came to combing my hair forward and snipping the length away to form the fringe I was already completely relaxed about it, I knew that I was in good hands.
The end result looks better than I could have imagined. I am super impressed with the outcome, the service and the price!
My total was R300.00 (incl. wash and blow, trim, fringe and flat iron)
Their whole price list was actually incredibly reasonable! Perhaps it is because working at the spa I am at, connected to a famous 5 star hotel and a luxury location makes our prices crazy expensive for locals but I was really blown away.
Massages for as little as R100.00 (now I can't vouch for their other treatments just yet but what I have experienced, it may as well have been 5 star!)
Top points Elaine. Be proud of your company and staff and keep up the excellent service.


  1. wow your hair is so nice x lovely blog! check out mine?

  2. Wow your eyes are absolutely amazing!!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog about the nose stud - I have wanted to get it done for ages and I was really considering getting it done but your comment has changed my mind. I would hate it if it got infected as I have had enough problems with my 6 ear piercings! My friends had the swirly one and they agreed on saying it killed removing it. So thanks for your comment, it has really helped me! I might just stick to the magnetic stud

    Lots of love Abi xxx

    1. Hey Abi, well don't forget every person is different!

      No piercing has really ever worked on me.
      That was just my opinion.
      There were great ways to help the infections, I would get boiling water and a shooter glass with salt in it and press the wet hot cotton wool against my piercing for a full minute and by the next day it would already be feeling much better.
      Problem was that it would ooze and get bumps too regularly. I literally had to clean it every morning and every night for two years with surgical spirits. Got knackered in the end.

      By the end of my nose ring journey it was so badly infected that I had to go to the dotor to get them to remove it.
      They injected my nose to make it numb as it was trulyy too sore to move, the needle ended up piercing straight through my nose and the liquid ran down my throat!!!! It was absolutely disgusting!!!!!

      But after a lot of stress, it was finally removed and I will never get another one! I do miss the look of it though - maybe its time I invest in a magnetic myself :)

      Good luck!!

    2. Well you know I love bangs! and I love love yours - really suits your face girl. The cut is amazing - I like the feather texture you have rather than a blunt cut that some have. She did really well getting it to look like Jessica Biel.

      Thanks for popping by my blog again xx

    3. Oh god that sounds like the most traumatic and unlucky nose piercing incident I have ever heard! How did you cope with having to clean it twice a day for two years, it would have driven me crazy! I feel so sorry for you having to get it surgically removed, that sounds so painful and horrible!

      I completely understand why you are advising me not to get it done.. I would hate it if that were to happen to me. It sounds so horrible and stressful. I really hope your nose is okay now and that it wasn't too bad! Thank you so much for telling me, it really has changed my mind.

      Yes I really love the look of nose piercings.. I think it would look great on you, maybe a magnetic one is the way forward haha, mine was only ebay!

      Thank you! xxx

  3. Your hair looks beautiful, the fringe really suits you!!!

    Please check out my blog if you have a chance, I’ve given it a bit of a revamp, I was clearly very bored over the Christmas hols!! Haha



  4. Wow you're so pretty, I recently wanted to change my hair and thought about a fringe but I don't think it would ever suit me - you're lucky!! :)
    Followed you on bloglovin' :)
    Nicolle xx

  5. Wow your hair does look amazing. I need to go to the hairdressers myself asap lol. I'm following you back on bloglovin, xoxo.

  6. wow it really looks good on you!! they did a great job.
    and your eyes are stunning...


  7. Your hair is gorgeous and I love when salons have great customer service!


  8. You look stunning!! Thanks for dropping by my blog and checking out my post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts too! I'm following you right now, hope you will do same!
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  9. you look awesome in your new hair! It is probably much wiser to go to rome in May! It was far too crowded during new years time... and they didn't even count down to midnight! The only highlight was basically seeing the pope... and there were few other things that went kind of wrong... but I want to give Rome another chance... maybe when it's warmer.


  10. Love love love the hair - and seriously you have the most amazing eyes!

    Pearls & Paws

  11. Wow you have beautiful eyes, i love it! :)

    Enter my give-away on Fashiolista to win a €125 voucher!

  12. loving your new bangs! i have similar bangs and i absolutely love them!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. The bangs turned out gorgeous girl! You look so good in them! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, it definitely had me smiling!

  14. Gorgeous hair. Bangs look beautiful on you. x

    Tanya from Cats and Clothing
    P.S. Please check out my first giveaway! :)

  15. amazing hair!
    great blog,I`m your new follower, hope you might follow me back:)

  16. I love your long fringe! It really suits you!! You have beautiful eyes too!

    Em x

  17. loooove the fringe! you almost look like the biel :)

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