Thursday, January 24, 2013

Its a Pajama Kind of Day

So it is the last night in my old house,  my old room... 
I really ought to be sellotaping boxes shut or something but I'm feeling pretty nostalgic about it being the last night here. So, I have shoved on some comfortable pajamas's, made myself some hot chocolate with loads of marshmallow's overflowing from the mug and am spending the last few hours in my first ever Bohemian Bedroom. 

As a memoir to it, I have left the links to some of my old posts below which have loads of photographs of what my room basically looks like. 
There has been a princess-like mosquito net draped over the bed since those posts and some new silk bedding put on but unfortunately my camera is acting up and I actually refuse to put anymore blackberry photographs on here as it is literally making me cringe!

Anyway, once you see the pics you'll realize just how hard it is going to be for me to walk out of here for the last time. Somehow, even though the echoing hallways are completely bare now, it all still feels a tad surreal. 

My Moroccan archway, maroon walls, built-in-step-up bed, en-suite bathroom and gorgeous study area will now be another girl's palace. 
I don't know who has bought the house but I just hope that she makes the most of my Thai-inspired bedroom. 
The headboard above my bed is proper silk that I found in Thailand, the ceiling is a work of art in itself and the en-suite bathroom had once been just an ordinary set of boring clothing cupboards until I knocked them all out and became an unqualified interior designer. 

I am spending tonight on Pintrest, looking at bedroom designs to get some inspiration. I started to move in a few carloads of clothing to my new cupboards this evening. I even put a few candles on the windowsills in an attempt to make it feel more homey when I arrive tomorrow once and for all.

I cannot wait to move in and have a brand new, fresh start. A house with no memories, good or bad. A complete new slate.

As promised - the links:

Peace out Bohemian Room and Beautiful House... may the next woman be good to you. 


  1. Good luck with the move tomorrow, I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well.

    From the photos your old room looked lovely, but I'm sure you'll make the new one look just as beautiful and homely.


  2. Aw house moves are always a sentimental and hard time. Good luck with it, how exciting to have a fresh start and a clean slate. Let Pinterest and your creative talents guide you to create a whole new haven for yourself :)

    Janine xx
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  3. Hope you enjoy your new house and fresh start!


  4. Good luck with the move! I hate moving, it's so stressful and I just never know where to start with the unpacking. Your current bedroom is lovely, but your new house looks beautiful on the outside and I'm sure you will make it look wonderful inside too - can't wait to see what it looks like when you're all moved in!

    Corinne x

  5. Hahaha the first picture is so very true!!


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