Saturday, January 19, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Last night I had a bit of a night out on the town. To mark the occasion, I decided to haul out my ivory colored lace Mr. Price Dress which was R99.00
I paired it with six gorgeous rings. 
On my right hand I had the turquoise stone and the peace symbol rings from Mr. Price while the chunky black stone ring is a find from Primarks a few years back.
On my left hand (pictures again are taken from that of a Blackberry so I do apologize for the terrible quality,) I had a turquoise stone ring I got from Metallic Mermaid, a beautiful eternity silver ring from American Swiss and my moms old Peace ring I found covered in clay one morning whilst routing through her things.

I let the nerd in me come out as the evening progressed by putting on my retro specs from Markham's which is actually a man's store but I really like some of their accessories and hats in stock at the moment. 
My Audrey Hepburn hat also had a night out and got A LOT of attention once we hit the clubs. This hat is also from Mr. Price. 

Some guy in the club actually came up to me and told me that he has now dubbed me the new retro kid in town. What an honor! 

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend bloggers - take lots of snaps of what you did and send me the links! Here's a few of my own snaps from last night:


  1. My inspiration is my mother! I love the way she carry herself out with outfit! :D Love those accessories! Thanks for stopping by and following! Definitely following you back!xx

    Love, Laxmi.

  2. You look like you had a ton of fun and I absolutely love your dress :)

  3. Funny pictures and lovely dress :) xoxo Mina.
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    if you want we can follow each other, let me know :)

  4. Just popped back to follow your blog and noticed you'd added a new post. Looks like you had great fun and I do love the ivory colour of the dress - I have some boots that would go really well with it

  5. Love that dress. You seem like a warm and fun person.

    xoxo, KJ

  6. You asked about the Mindy Kaling book. I´ve now gotten a reply from the woman who read it, she highly recommend the book. You can order it at Amazon if you´d like to keep a copy ;)

  7. Beautiful outfit!Love it!And nice post!
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    Would you like to follow each other?

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    1. I have followed you on bloglovin and facebook - thank you for your wonderful comment x

  8. I adore that lace dress! You look beautiful x0

  9. That is a very lovely dress my friend made one just like this!


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