Saturday, January 26, 2013

The First Night

The first night in the new house was magical.
After bending my King sized bed up the stairs, somehow putting together my first fashion clothing trolley, unpacking about 50KG's of my clothing, (the other bags have gotten lost amongst the sea of boxes and other black bin bags dominating the house...) and falling UP the stairs . . . . things are starting to look a little more cosy.
We kicked it off with having a family barbeque outside and while the meat was sizzling deliciously away on the grill I tied up my bikini and took a stroll down to the beach.
It had been a pretty humid day so after all of the moving and dust I was fairly ready to wash off the stickiness and grime.
Diving into the ocean and realizing that this was my swimming pool was beyond fascinating. The water was so warm and shone a bright, aqua blue color that was almost too inviting.
I swam around for a good ten minutes before heading back up to the white picket fence house that I can now call home and enjoyed a nice summer salad with my folks.
I ran a bath later in the evening and lit up one of my soy based oil candles. Shantaram, the book I am busy reading, accompanied me into the deep set bath and that was my wind down from the stressful day.
By 8pm on a Friday night I was absolutely exhausted and retired to bed.
I'd gone out earlier in the day and found a cheap set of bedding in Game for just R130.00
The bedding is white with scattered beige and purple flower patterns printed on it. I've been needing new bedding for a while so I was really happy to find such a pretty and affordable buy.
In bed, I put on the first episode of Terra Nova season one, not really sure on what to expect.

I actually found myself really enjoying the episode. I've only seen the first episode at this point but basically it is based on the future and how badly humans have damaged the world. They can no longer see every day things that we are accustomed to like the moon, flowers, colors and fruit. Somehow, someone managed to make some sort of a time machine and selected people could enter into this new time zone and start fresh.
Basically the people are given a second chance at the life that they once knew - apart from the over-sized bugs and dinosaurs lurking around beyond the boarder of their sanctuary as well as a different colony of people called 'Sixers,' that are continuously trying to make war with them.
I won't go into too much detail but I really would recommend you trying this show out if you decide on renting some DVDS and having a night in tonight.
If you do - let me know what you think of the show!
I promise to get photographs to you soon of the progress - unfortunately the house is still very much packed up. We've really only got our necessitates out and about and my room has become a bit of a dumping ground.
I mentioned that I had two rooms - the bedroom and the lounge. Well, because my folks need to sleep apart right now because of my dad’s TB (amongst other illnesses,) he has taken a mattress up to my lounge and has set up camp there.
I knew moving back in would them would have these sorts of situations... grinning and baring it for the meantime but hopefully soon my upstairs section will be mine to enjoy and set-up as I please.
Hope you are all having a marvellous weekend.
Much love,


  1. AWWW I love your photos! You always look so warm and full of fun! Pleaseeee make them bigger!!! :) :)

    Check out my new post! :)

    Also I just followed you so I can keep up to date with all your posts!!!! so follow me if you want :)

    1. Thank you, Leah!
      Bigger? Do you mean enlarge my photographs more? I will try!

      Thank you for following - will gladly follow back. Love your blog :) xx


  2. I'm so glad your move went smoothly and you enjoyed your first night and day in your lovely new home! It sounds amazing and a pool, you lucky girl! Can't wait to see the photos when everythings unpacked :)


  3. Hi Jade, its so great to stumble upon another SA blog :) Congrats on your new sounds like you all had a lovely time! I also enjoyed Terra Nova, that and Revolution is quite similar. Enjoy settling in! Ciao and have a great weekend!

  4. The first few nights in your new home are so cosy and exciting. It doesn't sound like it's been too stressful for you. Love the fact that you have already had a Barbecue. Can't wait for Summer to come round so that we can have one. Enjoy the rest of your weekend hun x

  5. Congratulations with new house! Its great! Have many good moments at your home :)

  6. Terra Nova sounds interesting! Did you ever watch Lost? I got really into that for a while then missed a few episodes and couldn't understand what was going on when I started watching again so lost interest!!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful first day and night in your new place.


  7. Lovely


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