Friday, January 18, 2013

The Sock Bun - An Easy Tutorial

Yesterday on one of my regular hunts around the world of vlogging, I stumbled across a really fantastic tutorial on how to do a sock bun.

After watching the video a few times I gave it a try and this was my outcome:

For a first attempt I think I did a pretty OK job! 

Many of you are probably wondering what on earth a 'sock bun' actually is... a sock bun, is made by snipping the end off of one of your socks and rolling the sock into a doughnut ring.
Putting your hair into a pony-tail you then put your hair through the ring and pull it down to the very end where you tuck the tips of your hair around the doughnut.  
From there you start rolling the doughnut up the pony-tail and slowly pulling your curling hair around the sides of the doughnut so that the sock is no longer visible. 
Once completely rolled up, the bun stays there without needing any bobby pins but you can choose to secure it more by adding one or two. 

I absolutely love how BIG my bun looks now thanks to this sock bun tutorial. A normal bun just doesn't suffice anymore!

This is also a great way to make heat free curls! (I'm trying that right now actually, just stepped out the shower and shoved my hair into the bun and tomorrow I'll see how the curl theory fairs for me). 

Watch the easy tutorial I stumbled across below!

 Happy Watching:


  1. This is cool. My hair is too short for this but maybe when I get my extensions back. I'm going to follow your blog, would you like to like my facebook page?

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  3. This is a really cool post, and I'm definitley going to try this out tomorrow!
    I'm a new follower and would love you to follow back?
    Much love, x

  4. oohh, great job!!! i love the look of sock buns. it's very well put together.

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  5. it's lovely. thanks for sharing :)

  6. Love love love sock buns! Such a great way to forego washing your hair every single day. You should try the foam donuts they sell at Clarie's and other beauty stores... it is somehow much easier to manipulate!



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